Growing up in love - Singing to the Baby Boy Volume I (16 original songs)

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I am a stay-at-home dad of two beautiful boys. This is a compilation of 16 songs, sung to (and mostly while holding) my oldest son, when he was a newborn up until a year old. These songs were recorded during the winter of 2014/15 and the spring, summer and fall of 2015. 15 of these songs have never been released before outside of my private Facebook page.

Fair warning - I don't wear a lot of clothes in the summer at my house, we don't have AC :) There is a lot of shirtless Carl in these videos, if you can't handle the heat maybe don't go into this particular kitchen ;)

I found the easiest way for me to keep making music while watching my son was to hold him in my arms and sing into my loop machine. Today he is a pretty amazing singer / songwriter in his own right, already, at the ripe old age of 3! I am pretty sure he just soaked it in via a process of osmosis. He was saturated in love and music. Now I invite you to feel the love as well <3

I will post Volume II at some point in the future, featuring similar songs inspired by, about and/or sung to my younger son in the past year.

In chronological order from oldest song first:

#1 - Hold Me Daddy

This is the one video that I had previously uploaded to Youtube out of all these songs, and I thought I had even shared it here on Steem before but I am having a hard time finding the post to link to it if that is the case. This is still one of my favorite loop compositions, with the three part harmony that I lay down first ending up as the backing track to a separate 2 part harmony melody line. The way these two sections entwine is really satisfying to me.

#2 - Poopy Baby

The struggle is real.

#3 - Your Heart To Give

Thing One was going through a phase where he did NOT want to sleep at night. I remember this night as soon as I started playing this simple progression he quit struggling and fell into a deep sleep. I love his little foot wiggles while he is dreaming during this song. My guitar is in dropped DADEAD tuning (low string to high string).

#4 - While I Can

The entwining harmonies on this unusual melody come from a place of medieval inspiration.

#5 - Becoming

I actually re-recorded this song, with a new verse, for the Open Mic contest some weeks back.

I had just been laid off from my position as District Manager with a national market research company here in the US (I had 11 research facilities reporting under me). That feeling of transition, of being in a liminal place between worlds, with infinite possibilities - this is what I was trying to capture with this song.

#6 - Roll Away

Speaking of liminal moments, Thing One was DAYS away from starting to crawl (or scoot, really) here. He was rolling over and squiggling but not actually moving anywhere. Ah the days of just being able to plop one kid on a blanket and not have to worry about him moving :) Little did I know how easy I had it then!

The muffled audio quality here is because my camera was placed on the blanket directly under my guitar, so the guitar is coming through while the vocal is muffled.

#7 - Like A Rose

The struggle continues :) This is pretty funny.

#8 - Upside Down

I remember I was holding Thing One upside down in front of the mirror in the living room when I wrote the main "I am upside down" riff. Thing One loved being upside down.

#9 - My Heart

I double several of the loop parts here which makes this a longer track than it probably needed to be. I no longer use this technique unless I am looping a very short (2 or 4 bar) loop.

#10 - My Song

Thing One sings a verse here :)

#11 - Poison Oak

Poison oak is not a joke.

#12 - Rainy Day Waltz

I remember writing the first whistle melody while walking around with Thing One in our neighborhood on a rainy day. It popped into my head on the way from the library to the bakery. I recorded it when we got home. There is a relatively sophisticated melodic interplay between the whistle parts and the vocal that comes in last.

#13 - Five Butterflies

As you can see, Thing One was standing by this point. This is one of the songs I would sing to him while changing his diaper to calm him down. He loved the butterfly stickers above the changing table. You can hear him say "Uh oh" at the end of the video when he drops a sticker. That was one of Thing Two's first phrases as well - he loves to drop things then say Uh oh! My mom tells me that these were my first words as well :)

#14 - Alphabet Song

My take on the classic ABC.

#15 - Close Your Eyes

This was one of the songs I sang to put Thing One to sleep nearly every night. It never took very long, holding him and singing this while bouncing gently on the trampoline did the trick every time.

#16 - Close Your Eyes (uptempo version

I came up with many variations on the Close Your Eyes theme. This one is more of an up-tempo rock and roll or R&B style.

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those are so cute!!! you are a perfect dad :) started following you... looking forward for more content :) keep going!

Ur awesome! Godbless brodi

You are really a great dad that the children will be proud of. Is not every dad that can have time for their children like this. I think I will start playing the "Close your eyes" for my baby to aid his quick sleep

Poopy Baby.. hahaha the struggle is real indeed.

Poopy baby is my personal favourite 💩 this will be a wonderful memory for your children to look back on!

Epic stuff mate. - You are a bit like a folky version of a guy in the uk called Beardyman. :)

It makes me feel sad for the reason I wished I could have done the same for my boy when he still was a baby. Mostly I sang out of despair because I had a severe post paratal depression after giving birth to him. Singing saved me once in a while from crashing down too deep but I hadn't the skills and strength of continuing. Observing you with your baby in your environment doing so naturally your thing and including your kid is leaving me deeply impressed. That is the right thing to do.

I do no wonder about the fact that your son picked up music per osmosis, as he was part of the creative process right from the beginning of his life.

He was not a disturbance to your life, you were being occupied with your profession by heart. Did you feel lonely sometimes? I had the feeling of being the most lonely human on earth during that time. I lacked the company of other adults and felt trapped in the big city.

Well, that is 13 years ago and I am over it. I walked a long path to finally feel the exact same love to my son you show in your clips.

That you recorded everything I appreciate a lot. You worked many hours of providing this post.

I thank you from my heart.

Dam your voice in "Like a rose"! Elvis right here :) all in all adorable and your little one seemed to enjoy you singing... I'm jealous a little bit... even my bunny rabbit runs away when I attempt to sing ... T.T

Parenting Goals. Awesome lineup of songs. I love the jazzy poopy baby song and the last slow tempo lullaby the most :D

Wow dude -- You keep surprising me!
Love #1 - Hold Me Daddy - multi-track. I'm a guitarist as well and I loved seeing you unfold this, it was pretty cool.

I'll listen to the other selections when I get a few minutes.

Keep that baby held as tight as you can for a bit, because they will be on their own in a few blinks of your eye!

Aaw sweet man. 5 Butterflies is my favourite.
You are a wonderful father and I'm sure your babies know that you love them very much! Thanks for sharing :)

This is awesome funny and heartwarming. I was also always singing to our little daughter and carrying her around, because she simply could not fall asleep.

I love your music! Keep posting it! I am #1 fan!

I know you get a lot of dad props but seeing these its pretty clear that you deserve them. I look forward to seeing what thing 1 & 2 do with the great foundation of love and creativity and joy that you are giving them.

me encantaron, comenzare a seguirte! eres un papá genial

That's really sweet of you to do with your child! I dig the layering of your vocals too! Great stuff

Beautiful compositions @carlgnash
They all have one thing that makes each of them special... And i think I'd have to come for production tutorials,☺

Aww, this is all so adorable! I love how your little guy just sits contently in your arms while you sing. Or, hangs upside down in that one song! :)