*offset* - "Where's the money? {where?} Where's the money?{where?}"

in music •  2 years ago 

Where is the money? (where?)
Where is the, where is the paper? (where?)
Ooh, there go the acres, ooh
They biting my drip like a sabre, yeah yeah
Who is my neighbor? (who?)
I live on the island, I'm sacred (island)
Yeah, life is the matrix
Be rich or be broke and be basic (rich)
You don't want static, yeah
All of my shooters on addys, yeah yeah
A-list status, uh uh
His and her Pateks (his and hers)
Out of here, gone gone gone, zoom
Piguets on the watch make 'em walk out the room
You keep the fire but you shoot at the moon
I get the fire and I aim at your noon
Street sweeper, we not talkin' 'bout the broom (nah)
I got more blow than balloons (blow)
You smell that Biscotti perfume
Yeah we the wave and we big like typhoons (woo)
Go fifty-nine, eighty with moons (bust down)
Twenty-five million my move (twenty-five)
I drip in my sleep on snooze (drip)
I love when I meet Jesus

These bars by offset go so hard. I've never heard him sound this good.

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