DTube/Steemit Exclusive Live Performance - 'Source' by @bryandivisions (Unreleased Song)

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What's good DTube!

Tonight I'm bringing you a first listen to my upcoming song, "Source" off my next album, "Surrender" to be released this summer.

Source is a song about discovering your inner power and ability to co-create with the universe. No matter what you want that you can dream of, you must first take action and create the behavior. Source is about discovering this well of truth and will inside of yourself, and taking action on it to make it a reality.

This is the song I shot the music video for down in Mexico last week! I'm home from my trip now and ready to get back on my grind :) I appreciate you all listening, and stay on the look out for more releases from the next album!


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Much love,
Bryan Divisions

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Amazing tune..dig it up!

Brother, how are you? I already missed you and your wonderful songs. I just heard it and I liked it a lot as always, without any doubt this will be another success for you since it has good melody and good lyrics, your songs are always incomparable friend I really congratulate you. I admire you my brother.

so consistent... dope sounds B . keep expanding!

I like the music its so nice post

love the tune... thumps up bro

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Amazing, Sucsesfuly for you brother @bryandivisions

Excellent @bryandivisions exitos for you :)

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