🎧 EINE :: Thought or a Feeling 🎧

in music •  2 years ago 

This is a song from my new solo EP called 'Two'. The audio was recorded at the same time as the video, so this is actually a video recording of the take that ended up on the record. I like that, it feels organic and special. No recording was done afterwards, it is as it is. My wife @marinauzelac recorded the video, check out her stuff, she's a wicked photographer and a director. 

The project 'Eine', as opposed to 'Seine', is just me and the guitar. Music for living rooms and apartments, for quiet after-parties, intimate and ambition-less.  This is another song of mine, a live recording from a Belgrade caffe a month ago.

By now, you either like it, or you're gone from this post. If you're still here, check out my bandcamp page for the rest of the songs. Thanks for listening and take care. 


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