Dancing is the best way to make friends - @ LoveBox

in music •  last year  (edited)

@eveuncovered - this was 3 hours in, still have yet to find the other 5 :'(

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  ·  last year (edited)

The easiest way to make friends is to show them how they can make money like you. And show them steemit and teach them how to earn.

Just kidding making friends takes time and probably a few minutes it depends on how social you are and if you can make them like you.

Ahahaha that’s it brother!!

Oh you tease, only 10 seconds!

shush that's you, I am digging through various camera rolls for a full length feature but apparently there were about 10 people filming me at one point so let's hope I become a UK meme :'(

Haha show off! 😉