Music - By the Fans, for the Fans. The Viberate Story!

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Hello everyone!

Today I'm going to be writing about something very close to my heart. Music! Music is something that transcends languages and boundaries.

Blockchain has already revolutionized music with artists piloting releasing music on the blockchain, eliminating the record label middlemen. [Imogen Heap - Mycelia Foundation]

But there is one music startup that is taking the industry by storm. Viberate!

Viberate is a decentralized, blockchain-based live-music database and talent marketplace for musicians. European Commission’s “Music Moves Europe” initiative named Viberate as one of top 8 startups predicted to disrupt the global music market. And it definitely does not hurt that the co-founder is the world famous DJ, Umek!

Here are four reasons why Viberate is seriously kicking ass in the music industry!

1. The Numbers!

I have been following Viberate since it's ICO offer, and in a matter of a month from the platform launch, Viberate has the following numbers.

150,000+ Artists. 60,000+ Venues, 500,000+ Events.

But how did Viberate manage to get such numbers in such a short span of time?

The answer:

2. Community Participation

Viberate has clearly recognized that community is their strength, and this is why they have a brilliant participation and curation program running, where users are rewarded for building the platform, in their native currency, $VIB.

Thousands of users around the world have taken part in this curation and the results are stunning. It has resulted in such a varied and comprehensive database of artists, some even missing from huge platforms like Apple Music.

Here is a screenshot of my personal rewards for one day of participation!

The best part is, as Viberate grows, the value of the $VIB you earn grows. So 10$ earned today could be 100$ tomorrow!

3. Media Coverage

In the crypto industry, it's the best ideas that survive.

And looking at all the love Viberate has got on media, there is definitely immense potential!

1. Digital Music News

2. JAXX Wallet Support

3. Bitcoin Magazine

4. Earning Potential

5. 1.2 million $ in rewards!

4. Market Resilience

People say, when BTC crashes, every altcoin crashes. But the gems of startups are those that remain steady even during bitcoin crashes. As we can see in the picture, Viberate was more than resilient in the recent crash. It is actually 100% up while BTC is down! Amazing!


Viberate is looking at launching it's booking agency function soon, and once that is released, Viberate is going to be a massive product that will take on the likes of SongKick and Spotify!

Be an early adopter and the join the journey here! Join Viberate!

Any more details needed can be found at

As always do share the love and follow on:


Viberate - I got very lucky when I included it in my cryptocurrency portfolio several days ago.

I was undertaking basic research on the MANY coins and tokens, trying to spot the ones with potential and undervalued. VIB at $0.20 (a few days ago), with a market cap of below $100 million, was a standout. And this is a token that's listed at all of the most popular exchanges - Bittrex, Binance and HitBTC. With Jaxx including it in its wallet. Clearly this is no "Me too!" project.

My decision was justified almost immediately. When Bitcoin and the crypto market saw a sharp correction last Friday, Viberate had shot up! This token had helped to protect the overall value of my crypto portfolio.

Unlike with most other coins and tokens, I'm treating VIB as "an investment". Not a speculation or quick trade. That means sending it for safekeeping in a wallet which I have the private key to. Not leave at an exchange. This project looks promising.

Very well said!

I try this plateforme it s amazing . A have all ready recive my viberate token . Evry one can try it it s free and you can get your token reward for adding artist event or place and you got your reward after 48 h .

yeah the speed of payments is amazing!

Hi, How many links did you provide to get such payout?

You must add more than four artist or place or event . You have your tokens 48h . After .

It depends on the number of users participating on any particular day, 5000 VIB tokens are allocated per day, which will be split among users participating on that particular day.

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