Challenge : 14 albums that changed my life

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I love these little challenges because there are so many albums to choose from so it really gets me thinking. My musical tastes have changed so much over the years so what I thought was the best album ever then is probably musical thrash right now but I shall carry on regardless. Alot of my memories of years ago come flooding back when I hear certain albums. I started off loving pop as a child and then this transformed into rock and alternative. I have two greatest hits albums on her only because they changed my life because they introduced me to the back catalogue of one band which made me take the guitar up and the other band was the first album I have ever listened to. I will do this in chronological order

1. Queens Greatest Hits.

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I don't normally put greatest hits up but this is the first album I ever had. I was 7 at the time and my sister was playing this on her hi-fi system. I couldn't believe my ears and I played it over and over. I don't know where she got it out of. We were poor so a tape was precious metal at the time This album made me love music and especially Brian May's solos. The album got me into music in a big way.It was either them or the Outhere brothers so I stuck with this album thank god.

2. Appetite For Destruction

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When I was around 10 this came out and it blew me away. Again the guitar was a major draw and Slash was doing solos that were out of this world. It blew away the 80's sounds and introduced rock music on the planet once again. I started going back looking for the bands that influenced Guns n Roses as I entered my rock phase. What a great album that stood the test of time.

3. Thin Lizzy - Live and Dangerous

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Probably my most listened to album of all time. Thin Lizzy were an Irish rock band in the 70's that took the world by storm. The were better live than on an album. Their songs were speeded up and their lead singer Phil Lynott was a great front man and an even better bassist. If you want a great rock and roll album then this is one of the best.

Rory Gallagher Live in Europe

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When Jimi Hendrix appeared on Top of the Pops while he visited Britain a journalist back stage asked him what it was like to be the best guitarist ever. He replied by saying I don't know, Rory Gallagher is over there, ask him This has gone down in folklore. I first played live in Europe when I was 15. Immediately the first song Messing with the kids grabbed my attention and I was addicted. Heres messing with the kids performed in Germany. Probably the best performance of messing with the kids ever. Stick with this one until the end. The guitar solos are crazy and I do not know how the bassist Gerry McEvoy keeps up with him. Rory was a nice man and he used to let fans into his house for a cup of tea and a chat whenever he came back to Ireland. I have a connection with this album. Some years later I lived in Essen beside a place called the Messa Gruga. It was like I know of this place before. It wasn't until years later I realised it is where Rory recorded this album. Fate huh!!!

4. Rory Gallagher Irish Tour

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I couldn't get enough of Rory. One of my all time heros. Always happy and touring for the music and not for the money. During one tour he found out that he had fans in New Zealand desperate to see him so they flew there at a financial loss.
Here is Brian May describing Rory.


5 Nirvana Nevermind

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My teenage years pushed on and I got into some grunge. If there was ever an album that sums up the 90's , this was it. I don't know of many people my age that were not affected by this album. I don't think it ages that well but I listened to Live in Reading last week and it still made the hairs on my neck stand up.

6. Radiohead The Bends

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When the grunge age started waning and the alternative age started coming in Radiohead released this masterpiece that has been with me all the way through life. Creep alone makes the album but this is my favourite album of all time. It is just great and I still listen to it regularly. Radiohead are still my favourite band ever. I did not like the Bends at first but it grew on me like no other album. If I like an album from the get go then this is a bad sign for me. The growers are the best.

7. Oasis - Definitely Maybe

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I first met my wife at a ball because a friend of mine wanted to introduce me to someone that liked Oasis as well. I loved their first two albums and so did most of the UK back in the 90's. A band influential to introducing you to your wife. IF that is not a life changer then nothing is. Still listen to this Oasis album more than the others.

8. Oasis - What's the Story Morning Glory

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It has wonderwall and don't look back in anger. Life memories of some great concerts jumping up and down to these songs. What a live band.

9. Bell X1 - Flock

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My wife and I go to Bell X1 every year . It is the soundtrack to our life. This band have the best lyrics from any band I know plus they are the most underrated band I know. First came to fame by having a hit in the States with Eve is the apple of my eye. Paul Noonans haunty Irish voice has got us through many ups and downs in life and we love them. Heres a lovely sample. Lyrics are brilliant.


#10 The Beatles - 1
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I first got into Beatles after listening to their greatest hits and it changed my life. It introduced me to their amazing back catalogue. I loved their acid era where they made hits like Helter Skelter, Tomorrow Never Know, Rich Man.

11 Arcade Fire - Funeral

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Arcade Fire are a big part of my life as I listen to them quite alot. I would say funeral is my most listened to album out of them. Their music resonates with me and I think they are genius.

The Lumineers Album

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I am not saying this is the best album of the century but it changed my life. I lived in Germany at the time. 2013. The local pub had it on repeat and I was always in it. It was the best summer of my life and this was the soundtrack to it. So this album has a special place in my heart.

14. Kings Of Leon - Aha Shake Heartbreak

Another album reminding me of my time in Germany. Running around the Grugga in the summer while living in Essen. Probably my happiest time ever. This album was the soundtrack to it.

I am really happy to have done it. Like everyone I probably forgot about the best album but its done now and its blockchains. I may regret the Lumineers in times to come! Hahaha