Five Brazilian Songs To Start Your Weekend Off Right - 3

in music •  11 months ago

Weeks ago I started a serie of posts where I share 5 Brazilian songs with you guys.

Different than the other days, I chose today nowadays and more chill tunes, in case you are having a relaxing weekend. Well, I am.

1 - Liniker e os Caramelows

I mean... just great!

2 - Rodrigo Amarante - Maná

To be honest, just discovered this song two days ago, but love his work since my adolescence. Love him! Found this song very Brazilian!

3 - Céu - Melancolia

I usually compare her voice like running your fingers on velvet.

4 - Vanessa da Matta - Amado

in case you're having a chilling weekend with your better half, put this record on!

5 - Tiê (feat. Alexandre Carlo) - Isqueiro Azul

Listening in looping this weekend :)

And you guys have a gorgeous weekend :)

Thanks for listening,

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Nr 3 I will try to find that one on spotify

Thank you so much! The opportunity to meet new people @eloniy :)

Chill out songs for a relaxing weekend. Love the choice, Bianca!