Everything We Stand For by World Beyond feat. Nicholas Standing | Cinematic Orchestral Music from Winter Legend EP

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The final track on the Winter Legend EP wasn't actually the last I came up with in the process of working on this release.
Everything We Stand For was originally written for Mac13, a Newgrounds contest for music makers. Back then it became a huge step forward for me as an author. And yet, originally produced with a virtual acoustic guitar, it was lacking that natural sound I was after. They say when you rely on virtual instruments in production, even just one live instrument added to the mix makes the whole piece drastically more natural and convincing. So after our Mountains of Gold composition became a local hit, I asked my fellow musician and a master of guitar music Nick Standing whether he wanted to record the guitar for a couple more tracks that were currently up on Newgrounds. He kindly agreed and I think it made a lot of difference. I couldn't imagine a better composition to finish the EP on. We come together to create something that can inspire other people to come together and make a masterpiece of their own.

Idealists, humanists, creators, kindhearted honest people, carry your head up high! This is your world, this is your peace to preserve. If this music makes your heart beat faster - don't restrain it. Use that energy to do good, to learn, to save everything we stand for.

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ding ding... are you here... :D

I closed my eyes, to truly experience that one.

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Loving it, film music is my favourite genre and one major influence. Looking forward to listen to more. Following 💚

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