An introduction to electronic music [70's-00's]

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Electronic music has been the love of my life. And with this post I plan to give you a quick overview of what it has to offer, focussing on the 70's-00's. I will give you an example of most of the sub-genres in electronic music.

Electronic disco (AKA electronic boogie)

Lipps Inc. - Funkytown

Giorgio Moroder - Chase


Blue monday - New order

Eurythmics - Sweet dreams

Chicago House

Mr fingers - Can you feel it

Marshall jefferson - Move your body (one of my personal favorites)

Acid House

Phuture - Acid tracks

Fast eddie - Acid thunder

Detroit house

Moodymann - A1 (untitled)

Deep house

Fresh & low - New life

Detroit Techno

Cybotron - Clear 

Underground resistance - Transition

Jeff mills - Phase 4

Euro (German) Techno

Vainqueur - Lyot (Maurizio mix)

808 state - cubik

Minimal Techno

Basic Channel - Octaedre

Onur özer - Aida

Dub techno

Maurizio - M-4.5 (A)

Rhythm & sound - No partial

Fluxion - Eruption

Modern techno

I/Y - Intercept


Stanislav Tolkachev - Yes, today

Hip Hop

The sugar hill gang - Rapper's delight

Eric B & Rakim - I know you got soul


Krome & time - the license

Congo Natty - Under mi sensi

Rave (AKA early hardcore)

Channel X - Rave the rhythm


Prophet & Omar Santana - power pill


Throbbing Gristle - Discipline


Dreamfish - School of fish

Autechre - Nil

Ambient Techno

Aphex twin - Xtal

Plastikman - Consumed

Orbital - Halcyon On and ON

Trip Hop

AIM - Cold water music

Experimental Electronic

Alva Noto & ryuichi sakamoto - Siisx

Arca - EN

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if people are interested I will make a follow-up post about modern [2000-2016] electronic music.


Awesome! Upvote for "The Chase" -- I love that beat.

First heard it on Coast to Coast AM -- found that one real quick. I may feature that tomorrow on my Mix!

Check it out #blakes-mix

I'll make sure I listen to it. Part 2 of this post coming out next week, hope you'll find some interesting stuff in there too.

These are all good... but it needs more #cowbell. If your going to show the progression of electronic music... share with us the groundbreaking styles and how they were influenced by predecessors. I love the tracks you have posted but I'm missing the backstory.

This would be a hell of a lot more interesting if you offered your opinion or provided some facts to explain.

Just a thought

You're right, and I thought about doing that. I'm not native to a lot of these genres, and just wanted to provide a quick overview. Next post I will pick some of my all time favorite tracks and describe why they appeal to me. Upvoted for needs more cowbell.

Nice, keep it coming

Part 2 probably coming in a week or so.

I love Halyon On and On omg,... and 90s synthpop was revolutionairy,... the 90s was a golden age for new sounds, we now live in a shmorgasborg of new music in this day and age, nice post thanks

This dudes username and words matchup. Dude is funky.

Have my upvote @funkywanderer.

Wow lots of fun and good memories with this! Thank you! Voted up.

Some absolute classics on here.... I was listening to Dreamfish as I found this...

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