3 Electronic music gems -- #2

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 In this series I will pick 3 gems out of the world of electronic music. Note that this is highly subjective. I hope to give all of you some insight into what electronic music has to offer, and inspire new music lovers. 

#1 Kangding Ray - These are my rivers

From the album Cory Arcane, released on the highly influential Experimental/Techno label, Raster-Noton. The constantly variating, well-produced 'Melody' in this techno track is truly outstanding. This track is raising the bar for modern-day Techno.

#2 Autechre - Nil

From the album Amber, released on big player Warp Records. I think it's safe to call this album one of the milestones in electronic music. This is my favorite track from this album. Try not to dream off, because the extraordinary detail is definatly worth listening to.

#3 Arca - Soichiro

From the album Mutant, released on Mute records. One of the most outstanding works of this decade. There's a few things you might know arca from. He co-produced Björk's album 'Vulnicura', produced 4 tracks of Kanye West's 'Yeezus', Produced 2 FKA Twigs Albums. 

I can't even begin to describe this track, it's very experimental and very powerful.


I'm loving these!

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