Bach Cello Suite prelude on the ELECTRIC BASS?

in music •  last year  (edited)

Something special for you Steemians! A classical piece that I've always loved - made it work on the electric bass.
Also - funny bass faces!

Check out my other videos, under the "basslessons" tag! I post at least one bass cover a week.


  • 2005 Dingwall Prima 6-string
  • Dingwall light gauge stainless steel strings
  • Knobs - Bass up, treble down
  • Avalon U5 D.I.
  • Protools 11 (minor compression)

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Dope bass dude! I also play bass but a 4 string, the diference is that this have 1 lower and 1 upper, right?

Thank you!

Yep exactly - a C on the top, and a B on the bottom. They're all tuned in 4ths.

That's awesome man! I love when people do melodic bass things like this. Easy to forget the bass can be this versatile.

Thank you!! Yep I love what the 6-string can do in situations like this. It was really fun to figure out how to make something written for an instrument tuned in 5ths work on an instrument tuned in 4ths.