Attn Musicians and Music Loverz: Ben Kweller is here!!steemCreated with Sketch.

in music •  last year


hey guyz n galz

my name is @BenKweller.

i'm new to Steemit.

my dear friend, @benleemusic, thought i would like it here and so far I LOVE IT!!!

i'm excited to share my new tunes with you. i'm in the studio now recording but i'm sure some sneak-peaks are in the near future!!!!

follow me and stay tuned.

if you don't know anything about me or my music, you can go to to learn more.

i even created a discount code for my new Streemit friends.

CODE: steemit

that will give you 10% off everything in my store.


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Yo dude! Awesome to see some you here. Can't wait to see what you'll do on Steemit. Great place for musicianssss and artistssssss.

omg! right on. welcome :)

Hey mate!
Freakin' rad to see you in here, bro!
Ben Lee got me in here too!
I'm excited by it's revolutionary potential and I'm loving the positivity and community vibe in here.
I joined in January and still slowly getting used to how it works. SLOWLY!
Anyway, welcome!

So happy to see you here!
Cheers from a brazilian fan and drummer :D
If you ever come to brazil call my surf music band to open the stage