Bang My Head Against The Wall

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David Guetta and Sia came together; you know it is going to be a master piece.
There's so much to cry about, so much to be sad about but the mirror won't let the tears drip down my face. I am sorry I am so strong but that's just what my society makes me.

If the truth comes out of my mouth, the universe might unravel, i found what i was searching for but realised it was too much for my heart to conceive. The instrumental plays in the ambient as I lose myself.

I feel like I am dying but the breath in my nostrils won't let me do so; I bang my head against the wall to make sure tears drip down. What a shame it is, there's nothing but fragments, dreams of these surreal feelings that amount to naught.

I was asked to rise above it but there's no light to guide my path; I should use daylight but the pain in my head feels right. I will probably never rise above it but the attemnpts represent the perpetual pain of continuance. I will never give up

This song may be old but it always has this effect on me. The moment Sia starts singing with her beautiful voice, I'm caught in this frenzy of emotions that brings me down to my elements. I won't give up.

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