As promised: Another Top 20 British Metal Bands

in music •  10 months ago

As i promised this list is made of 20 bands (BANDS FROM THIS LIST NOT INCLUDED : Top 5 British Metal Bands (you probably know them all). This list actually took some time :D

1 Motörhead

2 Napalm Death

3 Benediction

4 Bolt Thrower

5 Carcass

6 Cerebral Bore (FrontGIRL Som is a fucking beast!)

7 Deep Purple

8 Electric Wizard

9 Evile

10 Led Zeppelin

11 Ozzy Osbourne

12 Paradise Lost

13 Venom

14 Onslaught

15 Dragonforce

16 Alestorm

17 Whitesnake

18 Xentrix

19 Savage Messiah

20 Malefice

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Oh, Black Sabbath :) I still play their sweet leaf :D