3 Amazing Slovenian Unknown Bands !

in music •  last year

I'm from Slovenia and as you may have noticed from my previous posts i am a big local scene supporter so here are 3 unknown bands from Slovenia that fucking rule!

1 Black Reaper (Thrash) - they were only 13 years old when they started! Now they are about 15 16 i think

2 Morbid Creation (Death)

3 Mephistophelian (Death)


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Black reaper sounds like slayer!!! in 5 years this band will be the standard!

One of the local bands from montreal (which doesn't exist anymore):

support your metal local scene!
(I did see kataklism back in 95 in a school, we were about 60 metalheads, and they still rip it!


Yep and their live performance is really energetic!
I actually know this band :D and like 'em alot or should i say liked them when they were still active :/

I agree with @cfh - Black reaper are great! Hope they keep at it.
I'm even jealous, fuck when i was in that age my voice sounded like a rusted bike :D


Hahaha i know :D this song is brutal and my favourite from them