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The following tracks are a selection of the fantastic independent musicians that use

Float (Surging) by @virtualex-steem/

I was aiming at some ambient - got out of hands a bit at the end ...


TCFactory - 4th 3. Transposition by @beats4change

From 1999 - was a couple of weeks on the top 25 Rock Chart. Based on Olivier Messiaens modes in limited transpositions

Alcohol by Davy Vance

It's a legal high and it's very easy to become a slave of it's many flavours. This is a song written from the perspective of one who is no longer in control and is past caring,the drug has become an old familiar friend. I know this perspective all too well.


Find the one you really love
And let her take you down
Each glass is as the soil above
When you're sleeping underground

She's my friend and she's my lover
More than just my wife
She goes to the end and over
The taker of my life

In times of trouble she's always there
When I need a helping hand
She's the one who seems to care
The one who understands

I call her whiskey,I call her wine
I call her name night and day
She blurs the pain,the unkind
She takes the world away

Oh,let her take you down
Oh,let her take you down

Dreams and shadows,the sweats at night
The tremors and the shakes
She won't desert me without a fight
And she's got what it takes

Oh,let her take you down
Oh,let her take you down

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