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All infos you need when you submitting your track to BASSUNIVERSE

BASSUNIVERSE supports trap genre and its sub-genres like future bass, chill trap and so on. If you want to submit one or more of you track(s), you can simply do this by sending your submission to this email:

[email protected]

Your submission should contain your artist name, the name of your track, a link to listen to your track and a link to download it.

By submitting your track you give BASSUNIVERSE all rights of your submitted track(s).
All realized profits will be shared with each individual artist.

Distribution 50/50

However because of dust transactions, I will be pay out the artist if

  1. he makes a withdrawal request
  2. the earings are above 25 $ net (because of dust transactions, fees etc.)

For each artist, I will create a individual profit account, so if he doesn't reach the 25 $ limit, he won't loose it, so he can submit other tracks in the future and accumulate his profit account.

Please ask questions if i missed out something.



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So I give you my track and you give me 25$?

No, if the generated portion profit of the artist is above 25$ then he will be able to claim his portion.

But can I use my track somewhere else then or you claim all the rights for this track?

Sure you can use your tracks somewhere else. This claim is just for my saftey so i can legally upload it.

Ahaa. Do you upload trap beats or just EDM type trap?

Yea i would like to upload just EDM types of trap.

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