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Hey guys, this week I will cover one of the most well-known EDM producers of the world - Martin Garrix.

The first time I've heard one on Martin Garrix track was - like probably the most of you too - Animals. Animals was his first hit and breaktrough in his music career. This track was a viral hit and has over 1 billion views on Youtube!

His Career
Martin Garrix, or as his real name Martijn Gerard Garritsen, came in contact with music when he was 4 years old. He learned in his childhood to play the guitar and later as he was like 8 years old he dreamed to become a DJ as he saw Tiësto playing at the olympics in Athens. As he got more interested in music he made his graduation on a music school called Herman Brood Academy in Netherlands.

Credit:  Sergi Alexander / GettyImages 

Martijns very first contact with the music industry began as a ghost producer. 2012 he produced a song for another producer and this song - he is not allowed to name this song - became very popular. After that the record label Spinning Records invited him to show them more of his projects. They liked it and signed him to Spinning Records.

As I mentioned before, his track Animals was his breaktrough of his career in 2013. There were a lot of rumors that he didn't made this song by himself. Because of the accusations he made a video which you can watch here in which he shows how he made his track Animals:

After his success of Animals he made one hit by another.
As time passed he choosed to produce more like progressive house music rather than big room music. But before I proceed fruther I want to mention one of the best big room tracks out there - Tremor. This track resulted out of a collaboration with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. In just a few days Tremor reached first place in Beatport charts and other digital market charts like iTunes.

To name on of my favourite progressive house songs of Martin Garrix is called Virus. He made this track together with MOTi. They released this track with a hilarious PR campaign. Both Martin Garrix and MOTi twitter accounts tweeted weird stuff so the people thought their accounts has been hacked by that time. Later Virus was released to the public.


By the end of 2015 he announced on Instagram that he is leaving Spinning Records. Sadly because of his contracts with Spinning he almost lost every copyright of his own tracks. After that he announced a lot of upcoming free tracks for his fans. On of them was Poison

In 2016 he began to produce his first future bass track. Most of you probably know it already - it was a collaboration with singer Bebe Rexha and is called In The Name of Love which became also very popular.
His future bass tracks were popular world wide like Scared To Be Lonely with Dua Lipa, There For You with Troye Sivan just to name his most successfully hits at the moment.

Now it's time to show you my personal top 3 of Martin Garrix tracks.

3 -  Martin Garrix & MOTi - Virus (How About Now)

2 - Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan - There For You

1 - Martin Garrix - Forbidden Voices 


Thats it for this week of my series Producer Of The Week! I hope you enjoyed!
What is your favourite producer?
Let me know and I will feature it next week!



Cool!! Can you post like Zedd, hardwell and alesso as well?

I will try to cover them next time :)

Cool! Im a fan of EDM. Actually Ive attended Road to Ultra in the Philippines. Waiting for your cover bro. 👍🏻

High musical taste. We always wait for your creations .Thanks for your sharing @bassuniverse

Nice songs :) I like "There For You" , its pretty good!

I'm glad you like it! :)

He is good!

He definitely is!

Could you pls Drop a Animal EDM Mix sometimes? :D

Nice review will do my research on him. .. I'm new to edm so thanks for the review

Looks like good producer 😀 cool songs 😀

very good information, I wait for the next post from you

Awesome article!

He's definitely a talent. Don't like the fact that he's using so many high levels all the time, like Avicii.

Release the Kraken! You got a 40.07% upvote from @seakraken courtesy of @bassuniverse!

fantastic producer. i also like him friend. @bassuniverse. U5dseeYLZvKeH23fLXesf1HuaMiFd2c.gif

Hes really dope good role model

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