Barney let 's help Mother Goose

in #music3 years ago

I used to watch this show is called Barney Let "s help Mother Goose
Home video. was out from this year 1992 with barney and friends show.
This is a music video below the song is the" Mother Goose, please appear"

taken from youtube I hope all of you like it
Mother Goose came to alive from her storybook
The storybook was on the classroom table
When the kids make their imagination
Mother Goose speaking nursery rhyme to having a lot of fun
With along Mother goose nursery rhyme like having tea time
And playing at the playground and other nursery rhyme
Like animals and numbers many more of our favorite characters
From Mother Goose storybook fairy tales.
They sang lots of songs and nursery rhyme words are sound the same
Mother Goose lives in "the land of mother goose "
sometimes I watch it makes me happy and me to laugh
taken from google thank you for reding @ babu21

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