New Audio Upgrade

in music •  23 days ago

A Subwoofer

Not a huge upgrade but it is something everyone should add to their audio setup

There's a lot on my desk so I'll explain how I have things setup:

  • Two speakers are Micca MB42X
  • Blue Yeti Mic on moveable arm
  • Audio Technica M50X hanging on mic arm
  • Micca MS10 Subwoofer (new addition to room)
  • Dead bolt on door because college apartment lol it's on everyone's door

  • SMSL SA-50 amp to power the speakers
  • Logitech G810 keyboard

Better pic of sub

I love the Micca MB42x speakers. Great sound quality for price and fill the whole room clearly. But being on r/audiophile long enough, EVERYONE has a sub and they all recommend getting one. Since I'm not running a high end setup nor do I have a receiver, I didn't need to go big and spend hundreds on a sub. Just like my speakers, I needed good quality but at a good price. It was between this sub or the Dayton Audio 10". I decided to go with Micca since I already trusted their brand and it just made sense to keep my audio setup all from the same company.

Setting Up

I didn't buy cables for this. I got bare copper wire and banana plugs from amazon so I could customize the length and just feel more fulfilled when I got it setup because I did everything. Once everything was connected, I spent about an hour adjusting crossover and volume by listening to certain songs multiple times. I love bass but don't want it to overpower a song.


  • Crossover: 80 Hz
  • Volume: About 60%

This adds so much more depth to my music (obviously) but I wasn't expecting it to sound so great. I can crank the volume all the way up on the sub and it still won't cause distortion. I don't listen like that though because no one needs that much bass.

Anyway, if anyone is an audio engineer or has more knowledge than me, let me know if the settings are good or if I'm missing out by adjusting to different levels.

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