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Here's mix tip #1 from Pastel Sonic, my new music production page on Instagram. If you need a beat, a mix, or help with songwriting or arrangement please leave a comment or hit me up on Instagram! I look forward to working with you.

A good combo is an 1176 into an LA-2A or Fairchild 660. Older compressors which were designed for broadcast tend to have very slow releases, making them ideal for balancing out any pumping or choking caused by a faster compressor.

If you're interested in my work and want to work with me, please follow me on Instagram and send a DM! I'm excited to work with fellow Steemians. I've also posted a demo of one of my beats below, as an example of my work. This one is Pastel Beat 006.

Pastel Beat 006

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I honestly prefer to use 1 chain of Multiband Compression from Izotope Neutron, and side chain my tracks to multiple Multiband Compressors in different mixer channels. There are no wrong or right ways to post-process a track with compression, it is all a matter of desired effect.

I'll admit this tip applies more to analog-style processing; tools like neutron are great too! I'm curious, what are you using your multiple multiband sidechains for? Are they just various parallel compressors or do you have something else cool going on?

You got stuff here. Keep it up😊

thanks, glad you think so!

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