20 Years, 20 Music Bands

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I want to start the decade by counting 20 music bands that have been in high rotation on my personal radio, an eclectic selection that combines hard rock, trip hop, jazz, contemporary Latin American music, indie, among others.

I believe that the common elements that make up this diverse selection are the movement, the renovations, the mergers, the cultural exchanges produced by the different migratory waves in multiple directions, all this enhanced by the telecommunications and cultural industries of these global times.

I have no doubt that music is the universal language par excellence and infinite personal and collective stories pass through its codes that in turn take on another dimension in the ears of those who perceive it and associate it with their environment, also meaning it, permeating all kinds of borders.

In this list, artists in general could be considered mainstream, so they will normally be known to most, so it will not be a strange list for many either, I also take it as a personal exercise to remember the soundtrack of recent years, for Of course with great leaps, regarding the selection, what I would like to do is expand it with your comments and recommendations and continue to expand the horizons and expectations of the record industry for the coming years.

I am very influenced by the music of the 90s, so many groups have a long tail in their origins that even go back to the 80s, already becoming classic references in their genres and that still retain a creative vitality of plenty of originality.

I will divide this post into 4 parts, so as not to saturate and give time to digest, the order is random, without further distinction of gender or origin, or chronology, I will accompany it with a link and a brief comment.

After a hiatus of several months, I am back in Steemit, I hope to maintain the frequency, I await your comments, greetings to all!

1. Ibeyi


Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi are a duo of French-Cuban twins that combines hip hop, soul music, Yoruba songs, with a lot of flow, these girls are not afraid to experiment and they do quite well, they have two very well produced albums, with collaborations ranging from Kamasi Washington to La Mala Rodriguez.

2. Anthony Joseph


The super talented musician, poet and writer of Trinitarian origin, collaborator of Mob mob, leaves us this solo album that distills jazz, hip hop, spoken words and Antillean music, a true jewel that has no waste. Caribbean Roots is by far my favorite album by this artist.


3. Moderat


This German electronic music trio, born from the union of the Modeselektor duo, Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary. with Sascha Ring, from Apparat, he already has three albums (I, II, III), all unmissable pieces for lovers of electronics and IDM.

4. Novalima


Group that combines Afro-Peruvian popular music with electronic rhythms, one of the most interesting proposals in recent years in Latin America, highly recommended.

5. Sugar Candy Mountain


Probably the least known on this list is Sugar Candy Mountain, a psychedelic indie band from Oakland, USA, who have known how to drink the best of psychedelia from the 60s to bring it into this millennium, sounding fresh and very relaxing.

I hope you enjoy them and also your recommendations, Regards!