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The Show's about to start!!!

There will be a special surprise gift for everyone, get paid to PARTY with us this SAT Mar 2 & SAT Mar 9,

Time; 2pm EST
7pm GMT
7pm UTC
8pm GMT +1 (Nigerian time)
9pm GMT +2 (South African time)

Side Attraction

• Karaoke
• Introduction of Artzone token
• Introduction of musicoin
• Quiz and giveaway

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Promoting Original FineArt / Music / Standup / Improve Comedy on STEEM.
Add #artzone tag - receive an upvote!

TO VIEW ALL OF TODAYS ARTzone Posts: steemit.com/created/artzone

To Delegate:
50SP 100SP 250SP 500SP 1000SP 5000SP.

Artzone Curators: @SurfYogi @Misrori @Web-Gnar @NMAlove @ArtZanolino @EdPrivat @Twirble @Jacobite @gvand @twirble @Gbija @ivan.atman

Discord Channel


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It was a great first one! Thank you very much! :0)

Very friendly, very interesting!
Also thanks so much to the artists who performed. Talent! Very good.

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Thanks for making it to the show see you next week