Artzone Music Curation - Daily Winners - 12th September 2018

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Hello Music Lovers!!

I am happy to present you my pick of the day, some versatility in my choices, the best music/sound on steemit tagged with @artzone.
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Loose Lyrics #11 | Original poetry by Dookiebrownflow

Dookie killed that bar, my favorite sentence is "transform the flash" , and I think that's not accidental that he doesn't say flesh. Anyway great job here

Jon Magnusson - Det stoltaste av lag

A very energetic song, I wish I could understand what's being sung by Jon, but I still enjoyed it very much!

Heaterville - Streetbuzz (Instrumental) / Hip Hop

Really old school hip hop that makes you wanna spit some Busta Rhymes type of lyrics!!

Soda Can Opening Sound Effect Vol 01! High Quality Free Download On DSound

Marcel goes around the world and record all sort of sounds, always expect the unexpected during his adventures, today it's a soda can sound, but tomorrow it could be a monk chanting, or a jungle sound after midnight.Go check out his website where you can download his sounds for free!

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Congrats to all Winners!....:)...

CONGRATS & BIG UP to @wolfnworbeikood & @heaterville <3
Great choices @edprivat <3


Yeah they all super dope!!Thanks for stopping by @d-vine !!!

Saluteee... I got soo hype,when i seen this becuase i was just telling someome i,wamted to collab with #artzone... Life speaks volumes! Thanks for the love!