BitSong: The First Decentralized Music Streaming Platform Powered By Blockchain Technology

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BitSong is the first decentralised music streaming platform powered by blockchain technology .
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Needless to say, BitSong was conceptualized on the belief that the music streaming industry is broken and therefore ripe for disruption. By introducing blockchain-based solutions, BitSong seeks to transform the media and entertainment industry.

BitSong Competitive Advantages

•••Lightening-speed Transactions•••
To overcome the time taken by music artists to receive their rewards, BitSong platform will ensure artists get their payments as quickly as possible.
•••Ability To Monitor Ones Project in Real-time•••
Thanks to blochain’s transparency, artists can no longer rely on record labels for updates over their projects. This will en able them to make necessary corrections along the line and improve on their works. In addition, it will give song producers the ability to make projections on the release of their songs.
•••Bypass Third-parties•••
With BitSong, advertisers will unfettered access to a robust and global platform to advertise their products without having to pay exorbitant fees. Furthermore, through the blockchain's ability to automate remote transaction process, BitSong will connect advertisers directly to their target audience effectively and efficiently, giving them full autonomy over their contents.

•••Plagiarism Intolerance•••
Given the gigantic plagiarism challenge in the media and entertainment industry,discouraging creativity among creative creators. However, with the advent of BitSong, music artists can now get a fair reward to their work without having to contend with piracies, IP theft amongst others.

BitSong Token(BTSG)
BitSong Token will be an ERC20 standard, issued on Ethereum Blockchain to ensure wide usage.
Designed for seamless peer to peer transactions, the token will be used for all kinds of payment on the platform, including but not limited to: Voting, making donations and song purchase.

The Roadmap:
Great project starts with innovative ideas. Therefore, we have a look at BitSong development blueprint.


The Team: BitSong is made up of an innovative team of young men and women with an excellent track record.
Having distinguished themselves in the field of Blockchain Technology, Entrepreneurship, Disc Jockeys(Djs), Business Administration, Music Production, Digital Videos, Tourism, Social Media Marketing, UI/UX Designing and Computer Science, this project stands solid.

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