Laurie Spiegel | Factrix | Doxa Sinistra ‎– Early stages of new paradigms

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One thing that gives me great pleasure is to come across music created when I was a baby or didn't even exist in this form, and to feel that there is a portal to a timeless space in which some artists penetrate and create music which when heard in the "future" always seems "present". This happens with Doxa Sinistra a Dutch band from the 80s, Factrix a pioneering experimental/industrial music group from San Francisco circa 1978-'82, and Laurie Spiegel an American composer that worked at Bell Laboratories.

All those brave enough to free themselves from societal norms and penetrate that portal are blazing the way. Early stages of new paradigms.

Laurie Spiegel - Drums (1975)

Factrix - Anemone Housing (1981)

Doxa Sinistra - Entomorbide (1982)

Doxa Sinistra - A2/ Khayanart (1982)