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Hello friends, this time I present one of my favorite Porcupine Tree albums. My favorite progressive rock band. This band is native of the United Kingdom, and is led by the majestic Steven Wilson. Which is known for its musical versatility and progressive style, with influences of pink floyd. And in addition to his work with Opeth. It is one of the best progressive rock bands. Undoubtedly one of the few groups that can be rescued from this scene from the 90s to the actulity. A pity that has practically been dissolved, but hey you can still listen to Steven Wilson alone, he has very good jobs. In addition to its parallel projects: Blackfield, No-Man, Storm Corrosion (with Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth) and Bass Communion Incredible Expanding Mindfuck. Which are really good.


Porcupine Tree as any band, has undergone its changes and experimentations, and also in a genre as diverse and experimental as progressive rock, this evolution is more marked. In the beginning with a progressive rock more dense, psychedelic and amazing to go to a more friendly evolution, perhaps for many very commercial. I also find his latest works fascinating, especially this work, which for many was a notorious change in the band, due to the absence of really long tracks and a little more pop or simple commercial sound, but that certainly shows some fascinating and relaxing features. I do not roll up, if I like I like it.

Stupid Dream

Album Cover

Band: Porcupine Tree
Album: Stupid Dream
Year: 1999
Genre: Progressive Rock
Country United Kingdom

The album starts with "Even Less", a slightly popular song by the band and one of the best on the album, an interesting song that begins with a smooth and pop rhythm, to evolve to a progressive atmosphere like Pink Floyd's. Then comes "Piano Lessons" a controversial song for many, for the pop and commercial sound, in my opinion no, I find it fascinating, a perfect single with a very dynamic beginning, obviously accompanied by a piano. The following call, like the album "Stupid Dream" is a very short instrumental cut that introduces us to "Pure Narcotic" a fascinating song for me, with some very good arrangements, start with a acoustic guitar accompanied by the melody of the piano.

Piano Lessons

The fifth track is called "Slave Called Shiver", a song in which the band is experimenting with electronic arrangements and a little funk start, I think. Theo Travis flute feels very good in "Do not Hate Me" another great theme of the album, with a sound similar to Pure Narcotic, but with a darker tone. Then comes a very confusing song that varies a lot in rhythm, it is "This Is No Rehearsal" a song that we can initially label as pop, but then the appearance of the mellotron and metal characteristics confuse. The next song is entitled, "Baby Dream in Cellophane", which is a very sentimental and striking song, with some influence from Roger Waters, a very good song with fascinating vocal harmonies

Pure Narcotic

Then comes the second single from the album, entitled "Stranger by the Minute" very good song without a doubt, with the air of the band and a nice music. The next cut "A Smart Kid" is my favorite without a doubt, Steven Wilson eats it here, with such a dark theme, even with apocalyptic lyrics, and a phenomenal start, the amazing chords. I played an instrumental "Tinto Brass", the truth is very good, you can see the bass and the drums, besides those metal touches from time to time, and finally "Stop Swimming" where the drummer stands out, Chris Maitland is a hard, very good ballad to close this jewel

A Smart Kid

We can conclude that it is an album, difficult to digest for lovers of the first albums, which consider it the beginning of the decline, or so many comment. I do not think so, it seems a good album, although not entirely progressive, has very interesting and relaxing themes. Maybe if I miss one topic that evolves better, the album meets the expectations and it seemed very good, very little bad to say. Maybe the instrumentals could have been more extensive and experienced, or some issues leave the ballad aside. but without a doubt, an album that I recommend highly, just like "In Absentia" another fascinating album of the band. I also recommend reviewing the solo work of Steven Wilson and the other projects.

If you want to listen to the whole album, you can do it in the next link, from youtube! Thanks for your time, Regards!

Stupid Dream - Porcupine Tree (Full Album)



Hi apple96,

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Thanks for sharing @apple96! I had never heard of these guys before. I'm always happy to find a new artist to listen to. I pull them up on Spotify and listening through the album now.

Just started it but I'll get to the finish line ;-). After reading your post though I'm curious about their earlier stuff and why it was so much more well received than this album. Have you heard of a band named Finch? They went through a similar rise and fall although maybe not a popular. I was a huge fan of their second album and most hated it. It got a little heavier and I love that kind of stuff.

Anyway, thanks for sharing!

You're welcome, thanks to you, for commenting! Give a chance to "Blackfield" is the other parallel band of the Porcupine Tree leader, I recommend you

Absolutely! Gonna check it out now and I'll let you know what I think. They've got SO much it's hard to choose. Thanks for the recommendations!

Just re-read and realized Blackfield is an alternate band. Checking em out!

My two favorite tracks from the best of album:



Solid songs.

I have never heard of this band but this guys sure sing really well. Smart kid is cool but I think i like pure nacortic more, more because of the beats there and a bit of the lyrics.. . Do they still sing together?

Unfortunately they do not stay together: /
But the discography of the band is really extensive, plus now you can listen to new albums by Steven Wilson or his collaborations as Storm Corrosion.

Well, sad to hear that they've split... But, i am also glad to hear that Steve does great music still, i will try looking that up.

Thank you for the review @apple96. I have to be honest, I have not heard of the band but Piano Lessons sound familiar. I like their guitar strumming. Their songs are pretty soothing isn't it and each track sounds different which is quite unique for a band. I like the melody to Pure Narcotic and A Smart Kid. Thank you for the sharing with us the song choices. I am liking this band :)

uff Storm Corrosion - opeth <3 and of course Porcupine Tree love these groupings.

look I think they are not commercial but if you start to analyze are commercial every band that signs with a discography no matter how little they sell are part of a market segment.

But it's obvious and not by underestimating people's musical tastes, but not everyone has educated ears and when I mean educated it's that since childhood you've been promoted in your jazz house, classical music at least those two aspects that if they are nourished by bands like Porcupine Tree, hence their versatility and finding many influences, they also have that musical education.

The rest of the industrialized music is fully digested and serves the great segment that if you put some piece of Porcupine Tree will get bored in two minutes.

I like that someone cares to pay, if you want to say a tribute to this group that undoubtedly in 50 years will be a reference for the musical study.

thank you for sharing I started to write this message while listening


by the way of a video of storm corrosion -->

I'm making a movie inspired by his puppet art.

You are absolutely right, every band is commercial at some point, it is part of them, to show people. And it seems to me that this band always maintained that influence, despite some criticisms, I always try to innovate. It hurts your separation.

The combination of Steven Wilson + Mikael Åkerfeldt has always been fascinating, since Deliverance (Opeth) have done great things together.


Like a movie? I hope you post about that

Thank you for introducing this band to me! I haven't heard of them before and I was curious to listen to the songs. I enjoyed all the ones that you shared but my favorite one was the last ballad. I was listening to this kind of music at the university as I was surrounded by so many guys :) Then I kind of forgot about that but now you brought up some nice memories :) I will get their album as for me it's a perfect style for relaxing afternoons. I really like the sound and the lyrics are lovely as well. I cannot compare it to the first album as I don't know it but I might get it too to understand the differences.

Thank you for sharing and have a nice day!

tThey have an air similar to the band The Beatles in terms of dress and appearance, and I imagine that their songs are very good if they have influence of Pink Floyd. Reading your publication I decided to listen to them, I will immediately listen to them, thanks for making this band and their album known.

Thank you for sharing this post about Porcupine Tree, I have not heard it before therefore had to investigate a bit in google, but there are a lot of video clips and songs to listen. I like the voice of the singer, he has very distinct voice and can seen nicely high tone. The music and electric guitar instrumentation is beautiful. It is strange that I have not heard it before. I like the way you gave description to the singles in Album. It feels like you are a real fan of their music. Thank you for sharing their music with us :)

Thanks friends! I hope you like them a lot, there is a theme, called "Anestethize", lasts 17 minutes, I recommend it a lot.

LOL, they definitely have a good bit of Pink Floyd influence... I started listening to piano lessons and I started singing Lenny Kravetz's Fly Away. It's pretty much the same progression and even a lot of the same lead notes. Honestly, it felt like Pink Floyd doing a Kravetz song.
These guys are a good band, and the album is not bad. It was probably bad timing for them though, again great post I really enjoyed it.

haha that crazy, I had not seen it that way. It is a very good band, without a doubt, the first albums, prior to this, have much more marked the sound of Pink Floyd and some slight psychedelic touches.

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