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Hello dear friends! This time I present to you one of my favorite Post-Rock bands, they are called 65daysofstatic and they are from Sheffield, England. I will talk about the first album that I heard from them, which represents the third album in their discography and is called "The Destruction of Small Ideas". This band is well known in the Post-Rock world, as one of the most popular and influential. For his extensive discography in terms of gender and his brilliant musical contributions to Post-Rock. It is a band that is characterized for performing instrumental compositions of medium to long duration in its majority, with a fairly broad sound, incorporating elements of progressive rock and math rock. In addition to incorporating many samples in their music, as well as elements of electronic and industrial music. All these features together, make up 65daysofstatic music. A very interesting and dynamic band despite lacking voices, which present us with a very dynamic, electronic and structured Post-Rock.


I chose their third album, because it was the first one I heard more than 6 years ago, when I was still a boy. This album attracted me quite a lot to this instrumental genre, for having a fairly experimental and environmental sound. Where, unlike traditional rock, instruments such as the keyboard and the guitar take on greater importance in order to compose songs with a very rich and varied musical structure. The piano is undoubtedly the ambient background of each of the themes, and introduces a very sentimental sound for my tastes. The guitar is kept as if it were in a solo throughout the songs, to give us very long and harmonic riffs. The incorporation of electronic elements make the sound of this album even more interesting and technical. And another very peculiar characteristic of the album and the band, is the handling of the times, in a very particular way, which causes them to be labeled as a band of "Math-Rock". It is undoubtedly for me, a great work of the undervalued Post-Rock

The Destruction of Small Ideas

Album Cover

Band: 65daysofstatic
Album: The Destruction of Small Ideas
Year: 2007
Genre: Post-Rock
Country Sheffield, England

1. The album starts with "When We Were Younger & Better" , a very good song to start, quite cheerful and dynamic, and that shows us everything the band wants to offer. A very marked beginning by the piano, accompanied by some riffs that would upset anyone, then immerse themselves in a fairly clean environment controlled by the piano, with a very peculiar melody.

2. The second theme is called "A Failsafe" , a fairly experimental and electronic composition. With a very confusing sound, where riffs and drums resemble a metal song a lot.

3. The third theme, is undoubtedly beautiful, is called "Do not Go Down to Sorrow" After a long environmental introduction, the theme is totally controlled by the sound of the piano, which assigns it a sound Pretty melodic, which combines perfectly at all times with the battery. Although it is mostly a slow composition, it has its impressive moments of explosion.

4. "Wax Futures" is another topic, very good. With the piano giving a very distinctive melody, but where the elements create a much more electronic sound than in the previous theme. Again we can notice that it is structured in two environments, one calmed down with a double bass drum and the piano guiding and another environment where the guitar distorts the sound.

When We Were Younger & Better

5. The fifth theme, "These Things You Can not Unlearn" , has a much more electronic and minimalist base, or that I perceive. That evolves to some dynamic riffs like those that already showed us.

6. The next "Lyonesse" , is a characteristic theme of post-rock, very sentimental and environmental, but surprisingly has a quite chaotic background, which makes it a depressive theme, or so I think.

7. Follow "Music Is Music as Devices Are Kisses Is Everything" , a song with a quite peculiar title, which starts with a quite dynamic and electronic piano. Very good melody to start, to evolve to some good riffs and a very nice drum, this composition has a structure very similar to progressive rock.

8. The next topic, it's quite strange, "The Distant and Mechanized Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties" a bit difficult to digest, for its speed and sound quite electronic, after several listened to, you will find a sound that you will like it It's perfect for the soundtrack of some anime game haha ​​or so I think.

Don't Go Down to Sorrow

9. With a very electronic start "Little Victories" leads us to very melancholic riffs and at the same time very happy, a song quite dynamic and powerful from the start. Very similar to other songs on the album, like the first one.

10. Follow "Primer" , with a slow start, where the piano again dominates the melody, along with the drums as an indispensable background, to give way to dynamic riffs and very attractive to the ear.

11. Again, a very melodic and somewhat sad and depressing piano starts "White Peak / Dark Peak" , sound that evolves to create a masterpiece, the piano is without a doubt wonderful in this composition. The sound of this song, makes us travel to a nostalgic and beautiful past. Without a doubt it is a high quality soundtrack

12. Finally, this work culminates with "The Conspiracy of Seeds" , one of the best songs on the album. With a very good start, the drum stands out remarkably, along with a dreamy melody accompanied by sampled voices as an instrument, which adds more complexity to the song as it progresses and becomes much faster. It's a pretty strong song, where the drums stand out, at all times next to the distorted riffs. And the voices finally appear in this last theme, in all its forms, instrumental, melodic and screaming. To close in the best way this album jewel.

The Conspiracy of Seeds

Finally, I can conclude, that this is without doubt one of the best albums to recommend Post-Rock, especially for those who had never heard about the genre. Because it's instrumental, it does not mean it's boring. 65daysofstatic has completely the technical and musical characteristics, to create dynamic compositions that attract us a lot, without the need to use voices, if not only the use of experimental sounds, very harmonious and interesting. This is created as I mentioned throughout the album, with an impressive piano, which stands out in each of the songs with very beautiful melodies. A perfect drums that accompanies notably in each of the songs, and some very good riffs that bring dynamics and exploit each of the songs.

If you want to listen to the whole album, you can do it in the next link, from youtube! Thanks for your time, Regards!

The Destruction of Small Ideas - (Full Album)


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