ORIGINAL MUSIC: Antminer - Deep Jungle

in music •  9 months ago

Antminer - Deep Jungle

When I was in high school I used to play World Of Warcraft a lot so I was exposed to this beautiful music from this game. WoW has great music and every zone in this game is special and music is what makes this zones unique.

Here is my work that is inspired by World Of Warcraft. I hope you all enjoy it :)

Every time I listen to music from WoW I go back in time and experience all these endless hours playing this game and fun I had exploring this world. Even if I had no social life or good grades I do not regret these days playing World Of Warcraft :D

Cover - Photo credits:

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I hope you all have great day :)

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Very Nice work !,upvoted! 💖💖

ill be happy if you would check my work of drawing 😊


Thank you very much :) WIll check you out^^

Cool! Loved the castanets at the end :-) Great day for you too man, nice job!!


Thank you, man. I checked your music out, really great stuff ;) Keep on risin'


Thank you very much!! :-)!!

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Awesome upvoted and followed.

Amazing man! I love that Ennio Morricone sound at 1:15 and the cover is also amazing, a bit different from dark themes you used before. :*


Thank you sugar girl. Your feedback means much to me:*

Cool song. Maybe a little to "edgy" aka not smooth enough in the mix, but overall it's pretty pleasant, could be easily stretched to 20min soundtrack. :D
Good luck with your music. ;)


Thank you for the awesome feedback. This track is 2 years old and if I did that right now it would be different story :D

Good luck to you too ;)


Oh, yes 2 years are quite a time span, especially in music nowadays...
Hope you publish new stuff soon. ;)


Yep. Thank you and keep up :)

Hey bro, try dsound.audio, i was uploading my music in this platform, works well, very good music, following you now


Thank you for the information. I will definitely try it out ;) keep up

Ooo, I like this. It sounds like something I'd listen to whilst writing. Definitely following for more. ^_^


Dudee. Thank you very much for support and keep on risin' ;)

So dedicating and rock music I enjoyed it too:)

@antminer yeah! Why I have never considered that until eventually now. Tend to be the animals immortal in advance of male fully commited sin???.



very atmospheric))

I played WOW in high school and even play it sometimes today. This really is a song of ideal atmosphere, but I would have liked it to last longer, I wanted to keep listening.


Thank you very much for kind words :)