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RE: Looping in music. Master class. [ Stream recording | Interesting moments ]

in #music3 years ago

Dear friend @gulia.peito,

Music is not everyone's cup of tea. However one tries whether it is singing, instruments, or composing, instead I would like to say it is a Gods gift and u have that in you. And whatever you says as your limitation there is no relavance you are the master of your arts.

The fact is that we, the poor folks only knows how to enjoy the music but never we will feel bothered about how you people struggles to make a perfect note, how much sleepless nights you people need to overcome to make the desired music. Some stories we used to hear it too from friends and all.

Your effort is commendable...Great... Thanks you..


Dear, @angelro.
Thank you very much for the kind words!
This is a very big support for me!
Great thank you!

Rightful people and their efforts are to be applauded...

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