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Amphlux was awarded 'Artist of the Week' on the website!

Musicoin is a site that tips musicians with #cryptocurrency whenever a listener streams a track. The #crypto comes from a UBI pool which keeps the streams free for the listener. It costs the listener nothing, the artist receives cryptocurrency for streaming their music honestly and fairly, and the website receives value to their existing cryptocurrency in the form of the listeners attention. It is a win-win-win system all around.

Amphlux has proudly associated with many artists met on Musicoin. #Blocktronika is a group of artists who initially met on Musicoin, corroborated and ultimately formed a collective of #blockchain #cryptomusicians. Other artists such as Juxta, Gjart, Steevee and many others were all collectively exposed to eachother on Musicoin. There was an explosion of interest and activity that ignited the indie music scene and Musicoin was at the forefront of it all. Musicoin are truly pioneers in blockchain streaming sites.
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I'm so happy and humble to have been awarded 'Artist of the Week'. A big thanks to Musicoin for distributing digital wealth back into the artist's wallets.

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Congratulations!! Very well deserved.

Haven't seen you around lately on our Discord. Hope you are doing well.

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