Darkened Light (Psychotic Breakthrough) - Darkwave/EDM

in music •  8 months ago  (edited)


Your love lies
In words
In roots of decay
To remind me the cycle
That never ends.
Forever burning away
Into illusions of days
Yet now so clear
My eyes
Reflecting Blissful Chaos
Of the coming years.
Forevermore burning away
To release the dancers of the play
To find their way
To find their stories
Kept hidden yet still alive.

So much has been happening in my life as of late. And so quickly. Music is always a good way to release internal emotions. I can't tell whether this chaos is a blessing or a curse but I think life is a mixture of both... Perhaps it's about overcoming the Karmic Curses in search for the Blessings...

I'd love your feedback on this new music project I started last night.

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That's quite commendable. Most people either do stupid things amid personal crises or get artist's block and produce little to nothing. This is a great piece of music.
I think we have all been in similar situations where we feel betrayed. Words ae just words and may be carried away by the wind, as people say. Art, art remains and transform both the artist and the audience.

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Wow! I am humbled! Thank you so much!