Sounds of Steem Volume 3- the Recording!

in music •  7 months ago

I'm stoked to present the recording of a live digital concert hosted on MSP-Waves featuring Steemian musicians. As always it's a fun combination of Muppet Show esque antics of live on air radio with some exceptionally talented musicians and performers.

I'm happy to pay 10SBD to the first person in the comments to share a brief timeline showing: musician, time on the recording, and name of song.

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I like these dynamics in which the community can interact with each other. It hurts that at the moment it can not be all the time pending of the discord community. I hope soon I will solve my problem with the internet and can grow with you. Greetings from Venezuela

Great music is very well done
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I want to hear it always

nice post

Wish I could participate, it is not as easy as it reads...

LOVED the show. Concept is perfect for MSP/PAL!

@aggored really bro i tried very much to fill full your demand but its hard....its harshal song on sympothy time to 10sbd hahahaha

Yidneth 9:50 "In the mist"
Rock Chick Jen 22:47 "Don’t Sway"
JoseAcabrerav 34:49 “Empty Hands”
Darren Claxton 46:52 “Slowed by Notes”
Maryse McIver 1:06:24 “Bittersweet Curse”
Nathan Kaye 1:12:55 “I Was Made for Loving You”
Isaria 1:32:12 “I Don’t Know Why You Say Good-bye”
TheBugIQ 1:41:17 “My Eyes Were Blue”
Basil 1:51:04 “Titleless Song”
AbelFernandez&JoseAcabrerav Band 1:59:10 “Jungle”
Vera Carla 2:08:10 “Broken Heart”

🎵 🎶 ( I write my comments while listening the video, i cant look dismantlement a bit 😋 ) 🎶

Really nice initiative, I like the energy around the show.

Wow, really touching song Yidneth. Thank you!

I really love Song of Steem, laughing a lot, vibe is good
hahahah Darren, like your vibe. Great talent👍

Totally adding Song of Steem to my top content, having a lot of pleasure and fun, hahaha.

Nathan, Love your voice, great emotion sharing! 👌

Thank you Lovely, I really like piano :)

1:44:45 BugIQ Nice song, great composition.

For when people performs, maybe someone else could copy the comments they receive and share it to them after they are done, it could be nice 😊 They could even use it as content/"review"

Basil thanks for the song 😊

2:08:11 😊 Really nice performance thank you :heart:🎵

Well thank you Amazing show, I got a lot of fun listening to it, I was amazed by the variety of style! 😊

Amazing talent. I love these selections! Thanks for sharing with us.

Always so much fun to do this show with you guys! \m/ Yet another great for the books! Great job to all the musicians that played!

„I'm happy to pay 10SBD to the first person in the comments to share a brief timeline showing: musician, time on the recording, and name of song.” - somebody said it... and kept the promise: