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Sounds of Steem- The Recording!

in music •  10 months ago

Ok, I was blown away. Some of the performers that we have on Steem are frankly incredible. This is the first live recording I've hosted and we had a few technical issues with the sound, but for the most part voices and instruments came in beautifully. We had 17 performers from USA, South America, UK, and Australia.

@benleemusic- Victory 10:48 (An upbeat story of vitory!)
@soundlegion- Steem Train 25:30 (a pro Steem ballad in the Zeitgeist of the moment)
@meno- Spinning 36:21 (a heart breaking tale from Meno where you can hear his soul)
@nathankaye- Couldn't Put you Down, one man band style- 43:00 (my favorite of the night)
@verbal-d- Last Day 58:50 (A touch of R&B and live rap lyrics mixed with a hint of gospel)
@pechichemena- Canción de Otoño 1:09 (a very touching Spanish language song)
@melavie- Because we can 1:18:30, (a part of me fell in love when I heard her voice).
@luisferchav- The wait 1:28:30 (he's mixing loops live on the show)
@mrbloom aka Darren Claxtom- Here I stand 1:35:23 (Classic sounding acoustic folk rock, lovely!)
@rockchickjen- Forever this way 1:44:40 (Minor technical difficulties and nice vocals on an otherwise great guitar rhytm by Jen's husband @hangrydwarf)
@elliotjgardner- The only cover of the night- Such Great Heights by The Postal Service (a very fond and familiar performance of a great song)
@addiesworld- Sugar 1:59:00 (A lovely acoustic upbeat guitar rhythm powered accompanied by a strong vocal performance)
@joseacabrerav- Teremas 2:12:33 (another upbeat Spanish language song song by a former open mic winner)
@trevorpetrie- The Bitter End 2:20:45 (A sad breakup song sung over a pleasant guitar rift. There were some technical issues cutting out parts of the song)
@danieldyemusic- Saddest City in the USA 2:28:35 (A bit Johnny Cash, a bit Tom Petty, a bit Bob Dylan, and it sounds like a classic American rock song)
@basilmarples- Soul Sucking Thieves 2:36:05 (A piano diddy filled with snark- La da da da da da da da)
@Isaria- In the Way 2:42:40 a live video recording using skype where we can see isaria sing and play piano

Again, after listening and relistening to find these times I was totally blown away by so many of the performers and their talent. So much thanks to @isaria and @krystle to help put the set list together and thanks to @soundlegion, @harrisonmir, and @luzcypher for cohosting the event.

We're planning on doing this again and my current plan is that the second Saturday of the month for at least the next few months will be devoted to Sounds of Steem!

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I was blown away as well. What a beautiful talented bunch of people you collected there. It was a huge honor to be part of that.
Just a little side note: I'm from Austria, Europe. No kangaroos but a lot of snow lately. :)
Thank you for doing this. This was just an amazing experience.


I agree with you, but is not austria very beautiful I've been there a few times

This was great fun and I’m so pleased to have been a part of it. Thanks to all involved for making it happen and special thanks to Krystle for the invitation to play.

I look forward to listening to the next one!


@elliotjgardener kindly let us know when the next one is scheduled. We could broadcast this so that everyone far and wide would listen and come to appreciate what wonderful things Steemit is doing for the 21st century.


@elliotjgardner What! This happened and i missed it! Next one please! Can't wait @aggroed

This Maiden Show holds a special place in my heart already as the FIRST TIME I ever played a solo track live to an audience (let alone on a radio show LET ALONE to an international audience!!!!) What a feeling and such a privilege. It was a massive honour to be part of this and I hope to see this show go on and give many other steemies this awesome experience! Full Power to all you legends who put this together. Much love to you all xoxox Basil

It was great fun to play on this revolutionary show! Really enjoyed the whole experience and other artists! Thanks for hosting it mate and to @krystle for inviting me!

My wife @rockchickjen and I had a great time sharing with everybody! It is such a great thing you have done. Hope to be involved on the future events. And I would like to say great job to all that played! I enjoyed them all!

Honestly it was amazing - the pleasure was all mine! Thank you guys again for putting on such an amazing show!


Yes ....i was so impressed if it was his first show...he was so confident...he was kimd of boosted...keep it up bro...

Thanks for having us on! It was so fun, even though I was nervous! Haha! First timers usually are I suppose! I was blown away at the amount of talent that was in this one show! Some of them I already follow, and some are ones that I follow now! I love finding new musicians and this is a helpful way of showing the people of Steemit just how much great talent there is to find! Such an honor to be involved! Thank you all so much!

This is an am radio show. It's incredible how many talented Steemians are around here. Thanks for hosting a great show @aggroed 👍 keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next show

excellent work dear friend @aggroed congratulations for this great event "I share your opinion" Some of the artists we have in Steem are frankly incredible "apparently this was a very nice day as the video demonstrates Congratulations to all, the musicians and composers , those in the editorial office and those who organized the event
I wish you all a beautiful Sunday


Woah this was an incredible experience! Everyone brought their A game!
I was so happy to listen to everybody and laughing at the memes and jokes that I didn't feel how long the show was at all!!!

You guys did an amazing job, even with some technical difficulties, the show was amazing!!!

I was sooooo happy to read that you're making it a monthly thing!!!
Thank you @aggroed for hosting, as well as @krystle and @isaria for hosting as well, and for reaching out and getting us all together for such an epic event!!

The songs are heart-melting.


Follow me

This was a fantastic show! I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The talent was incredible. The start of something very special. huge props to everyone involved the hosts and all the artists. something great was accomplished here.

This was amazing ! i really got nervous performing after some amazing musicians but it was so nice to share and know more music of this cool community , this was also a first for me so it will always be special! Thank you for putting this together and I hope this repeats and keeps growing! Big kudos to everyone ! Cheers!

Awesome event and some great talent. I will be looking forward to the next session. Thanks to everyone who worked on this!

I visited 17 performers link.And watching and listening to their opinion followed by video time point which provides you.I am enjoying.

I really enjoyed listening to the first half of this show. Didnt have time to get through the whole thing yet. @soundlegion is my best friend and having known her for like 25+ years I can attest that she does more selfless acts of music collaboration and promotions than any other person I know. The time she puts in for other people when she is so talented herself just blows my mind. I got all the way to PECHI? performance and he was really good singer very melting. I was inspired listening.

Power to you and to the spreading of good music, good performance, good community.

Incredible. Thanks for taking out the time.

You are doing a very good job here @aggroed. I appreciate the fact that you hosted this live recording . It could get better and better and better. Nice job well done.

it was a special day, i will treasure it for many many years to come! thanks aggroed for making it happen, thanks @krystle and @isaria for organizing it...

I love all of you!

This was such a great event and I was honored to be a part of it. @aggroed, @isaria, @krystle, @soundledion and @luzcypher you are a force to be reckoned with. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I truly appreciate everything you are doing to make Steemit a fantastic home for musicians and music lovers alike.

Oh fuck! Just listening and I am missing soooo much!!!... I am definately gonna be there next show @aggroed


I am honestly kicking myself that we didn't get you guys on the first show, the good news is we will be doing it again and you guys are for sure welcome to wow and amaze us <3


Brilliant! I am listening to the recording in parts coz I have to listen to one artist then go find their profile on Steemit, check their stuff out, ping them on discord and have a conversation!
Intense shit this is, and so inspirational to hear so many wonderful artists! I am pumped 😎

새로운 시도에 박수를 보낸다.

시간을 내서 듣고싶다.

Great sound of awesome talents...Nice initiative of grouping them..


Thanks for this music sharing..... i appreciate this sound....resteemit

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Wow! it's all together a great performance!

Some really awesome talent here, @aggroed! Looking forward to the next one!

It was an amazing video. Thank you very much for this stuff and keep it going on my Steemfriend. 👍🏻

Informative post...resteemit done

wow....tnx a lot...such a great post

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Wow, I never thought such a thing would be happening on here. Well done!

Good stuff @aggroed. I subscribe to @Benleemusic blog. Really talented as well as some of the others ..Again thanks

signature_2 (1).gif

That is awesome! I would love to be a part of it next time :)

Thank you for being a great post 👌

Was really great to listen to this. Everyone was great - but Jose was my fave. Thanks for getting everyone together.


This is pretty cool! Didn't know content like this was on steemit

I just lived on by listening to this. I wish I were there live.

steemit rocks!

Woe sungguh menyenangkan dan saya sangat tertarik bila menjadi bagian dari itu. kepada Krystle boleh kah untuk saya undangan bermain.

Saya berharap untuk bisa mendengarkan musik ini dan yang berikutnya!

Great sound!

It's incredible how much musical talent is on steemit !

WTG my friend! Amazing as usual..

Thanks everyone who took the time to coordinate this - it was a blast being in the audience and listening. I hope that this is the start of a Steemit Music Series... :D

this is me @aggroed bobbing my head when I go through this list later... my ears thank you!

soft sound music....
i really like thus
keep it on

resteemit done

sincerely speaking, this is amazing

amazing music sir... I liked yor post a lot sir... thanks a lot for sharing... 👍
if you free plz visit once my blog sir.. thank you :)

Ok.ok. the is new.

These are really great, its actually quite interesting to see so many talented people here in the community!

Nice work putting this all together, no easy task to coordinate... Always enjoy a little rock chicken myself... ;)

good post ...
awesome music....
i appreciate to listen this music..
keek it on

This song is amazing brother, you're the best @aggroed

I know it from blog @ausbitbank

If you havr time, lets visit my blog @bangmimi

This is really amazing and wonderful recording of great performers on steemit. I really appreciate the efforts of all performers. This is really fantastic and wonderful music show @aggroed. I am really grateful to you that you have shared this great event with us.

More power to you @aggroed and best of luck to your programs to help us and the community. We need people like you here!

I enjoy these links . Very nice.

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wow. you guys are amazing. perfect combination.

This was very enjoyable and I would really like if it becomes part of it. Thank you for everything.

I very much look forward to hearing it again.

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Putting things together has never been easy let alone things that makes for enjoyment. Steemit, a platform for different people but one people - one for all and all for one

REAL people is where the REAL talent is. Loved this!!
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Great music post

Beautiful tunes!!!

@aggroed how can I get your attention?

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Thanks @agroed for doing this! Is there a list of music shows and competitions on Steemit? So much going on and I’d love to plug my music/live performance but I don’t know about other than Open Mic and SML Challenge (which is not clear to me how to enter).

Also, tried to listen to MSP waves and can’t get it working... anyone can help? Thanks!


Were you listening on the website, or in Discord? I might be able to help? I think the way to enter the contests is to just record yourself doing your song, post it on your own blog, and tag it with the appropriate tags so it gets seen. I don't know if there are more steps than that but if you do a search and look at some entry posts usually they link back to the contest rules. I hope that helps? And if you arent using Discord I can explain that to you also.


I tried listening on both, the website and Discord - none of them worked....

And thanks for the info about contests. I was just wondering where I can find a list of them....


I don't know if there is a list unfortunately. There might be. If I were you would go into the PAL discord #help channel, or the general chat , and ask a mod to help you figure out the audio issue sometime soon so it's all fixed before the next time you try to listen. As for locating a list, ask around in the Steem Music Alliance? if there isn't a list perhaps you are the perfect person to create one :).

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Hy apa kabar.....
Saya lucky1001 bangga dengan postingan anda karna bagus dan keren.

I'm just seeing this and I am excited already. I'd love to be part of this. I love good music and I love singing.
Great job guys @aggroed, @soundlegion, @harrisonmir, and @luzcypher

yazı ve müzik müthiş

I'd love to get in on this !

It's incredible your discussion that, your first recording is very perfect and special, and his followers would be interested in this recording. I also participated with @aggroed

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Your music is so awesome.... it's too good. music is mind refresh think. good job.... carry on and thanks for share.Your Interview idea great.i watching Your Interview video.waiting to see your Interview.Helpful and amazing Sounds of Steem video thanks for sharing sir.

I think this is a really great initiative!
There're so much talented and inspiring people out there that no one has ever heard of.
I'd love to see a monthly video!

I'm sorry, I'm new in steemit so I don't know really about steemit how, can you help me.I'm sorry for the mistakes I do.

This is great i want in.. i have music reading for the community and would love to show off my music! thanks and i have followed

Oh aggroed this was fabulous...i have also been blown away...keep it up

a very nice and interesting post.
I like it very much.
success always brother.

So amazing my friends to hear you all on the radio, this was one talent filled show for sure!

Awesome! looks like I've got some work to do...Get more of my music on Steemit...Soon... :)

Great video nice post
resteem done

This was one of the most beautiful experiences I have had listening to MSP Waves hands down. I am so glad you recorded it so that I can show it to people I am trying to bring over. Its so hard to convey to them how different this experience is than the rest of the internet. I say "live musicians from around the world in real time, and we all hang out and chat about it while it happens and cry" and they think its like a facebook live event. I mean , it kind of is? But the fact that people are "calling in" from all kinds of locations into one channel is what is different, i think. And its just so beautiful. The music was so good. I am glad you are doing it again! Dont forget to have it added to the Google Calendar that I made, @aggroed! :) I am happy to add it if you let me know. And Kubby can get in there too.

There is a huge advantage in music: she can, without mentioning anything, say everything.

Well, what´s left to say? Interesting action at least (or shall I call it a project - maybe). I personally found it a bit of a pity, that - like more or less always - songs and picked strings dominated the performances. But my personal preferences are far from important (I´m more in sound and sound design anyway). I like the goings on, I think it´s important what you´re doing. Thank you for that! I´ll follow you (you´ve already got 2 or 3 followers, haven´t you :-)). Enjoy your day! Rolf from the Czech republic

Way cool, great concept and some awesome tunes! How does one get a chance to play on this awesomeness next time? :-]

im upvote you,

i like it music nice to you

Amazing, I'll be sharing some of my musical creations, love steemit, it's so exciting to be part of this creative refuge for us passionate dreamers :)

Posted this now looking forward for some feedback :)

Wow - this was awesome! Thank you @aggroed for doing this.
Thx to all the musicians performing, great job everyone!
Hopefully I'll be able in the weeks to come to perform as well.