Sounds of Steem- a live music concert this Saturday at 11am EST (1600 UTC)

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It's my pleasure to announce Sounds of Steem. I'm hosting a live music concert on MSP Waves. We're going to have a number of hosts to talk about the music scene on the Steem blockchain and a number of live performances as well. If you dig music and you dig Steem then you're not going to want to miss this!


@isaria and @krystle are clued into the music scene here on Steem. They run a weekly radio show on Sunday nights that highlight recorded music from all over the Steem block chain. I've asked them to help me put together a great show for you and they didn't let me down!



They'll talk about their experience playing music, performing on Steem, and being a Steemian. We should have a fun variety show of different performers and different music to choose from. Be sure to tune in this Saturday to catch these fantastic Steemians.


The show starts at 11am EST on this Saturday (1600 UTC).

You can listen live online at The music is usually best heard through the web broadcast. If the musicians are choosing a live video call you'll be able to see a video of them there as well as they perform.

You can join us in the [Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network Discord Channel] (

If you haven't vistited us yet we've gotten nearly 12,000 Steemians together in the largest of block social network for Steemians. We also have a free upvote service that you can use on your posts or those of a friend. It's a great way to get help and get started on the platform! You can find us there or check out the wall for @minnowsupport.

If you're going to be performing a mic and a headset are a bare minimum. If you'd like to be on video we can try a skype call too. Please be sure to show up 30 min before the show begins to test stuff out. You can DM me contact info in PALnet and we'll figure out how to connect on skype if that's what you prefer.

Coming up

For the next two Saturday morning Steem Specials I preparing what I think will be great content to hear.

Saturday Feb 17 Women of Steem (aka Queens of Steem) where I've invited some of the most successful women on the platform to talk about their experience blogging and how they've managed to grow their accounts.

Saturday Feb 24 Steem Witness Panel where I'll collect a number of top 20 witnesses and a backup witness to talk about the state of the network and how we forecast growth going forward.

Saturday morning time slots/ events like this will be held at 11am EST and typically run for 2 hours.

If you would like to perform live and aren't on the list

Please check in with @isaria or @krystle in Discord and try to coordinate something there.

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Awesome. Steem is truly disruptive n amazing.

congratulations dear friends @aggroed for this wonderful initiative, I like how steemit and people are related beyond the platform, I have no doubt that it will be a great success.
Thank you very much for the invitation
I take this opportunity to wish you a great day

Plz follow and resteems. And people better show, as @Isaria does not get on air that early for just anyone!

I love music.....great idea, I really wish I could come.

good idea . Can I attend, hahaha just joking I wish you the best❤

upvote and resteem

Aint gonna miss this for any shit.. Nice one mate .. Sounds like its gonna be fun. I love @isaria

wonderful music system..... thanks for sharing dear

Wow Nice presenting i mean it also inspiration for Steemit user.I wanna be guest of upcoming concert

Looks like a great initiative. will be sure to be there

@aggroed..upvote and resteem

Beautifull music system idea.thanks for this shareing

What a brilliant idea! Promoting musicians on Steemit and hearing their perspective too. I hope the event goes well and becomes a returning thing!

Great stuff. Keep it Rocking.

This is great! I Iove to be there.

Great intitiative! Will try to listen in although it's not a good time for me in Australia but I would love to hear our Steemit musicians perform live! And also next week's women of steem sound exciting!

This is gonna be awesome!, I'm truly honored to have been asked to participate! :D

A good incentive to wake up early on Saturday, looking forward to it!

Exciting stuff @aggoed. Maybe some day if we get big enough here at Steemit we could have an auditorium or some type of venue with the top Steemit artistss to play a Concert and sell tickets that accept SBD from all of us Steemians.

Start a whole lot of social activities offline

Many congratulations for this wonderful Sounds of Steem music concert @aggroed. It's really inspiratonal and fantastic. I am really glad to see this amazing and interesting post about music show. This is a really great idea. Good luck for this lovely and fantastic concert . Upvote and Resteem

This is a great concept!!! Good luck - I'm new to steemit and think you'd really like my page! Send me a follow, I just followed and upvoted you.

Please upvote me

wondarful music system idea.thanks for this shareing

Vote me

upvote support please @aggroed

Wow Beautifull music framework idea.thank you very much for the sharing@aggroed

How are artists considered ?

This is very exciting! I'll hopefully be playing one of my original songs on the show!
Music makes me happy and Steemit makes me smile!!
My musical world is almost complete!
Thanks again for all you are doing for us #indie musicians

Congratulations @aggroed, may God continue to give you the wisdom to unite everyone in steem

I have to say thank you one more time for this intro to this community

Big ups to PAL

Great to see you take this to the highest level. So happy to be part of this..will upvote and keep follow.
May you be blessed

This is amazing! So good to see @benleemusic on the list!

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I'm sorry, I'm new in steemit so I don't know really about steemit how, can you help me.I'm sorry for the mistakes I do.