ADAM | Elizabeth, Soundtrack

in #music5 years ago

The story behind: People everyday facing stress in different situations, some would pass quickly and some would not.

You need to cleanse your body from any negative emotions starting with a meditative nice piece of music, ladies and gentlemen I presents to you "Elizabeth" my new soundtrack.

Nothing behind the name, so please don't start asking any questions :)

For me it was just feeling like that as, i think it's a soft beautiful and nice name, maybe the soundtrack too, I'll let you decide enjoy and have a peace of mind.

Recommended with: Cinematic footage, commercials, cinamatic, be creative...

Genre: #Soundtrack #Cinematic

Tags: #Piano #Orchestra #Ambient #Guitar

BPM: 121

Tools/VST/Plugins: Kontakt libraries


Yeees, you are so right @adam-aj!
We should cleanse your body from any negative emotions on a regular <3
Breathe & just be <3

Thanks a million my friend, appreciate you stopped by <3
Wishing you a peaceful and chill weekend <3

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