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I wish everyone a fantastic day! :) :heart_eyes: :grinning:

Have a listen and watch and tell me what you think?

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Gemini Final 3000.jpg

Gemini Mix
Style: POP
BPM: 115
Watch the Gemini's Video here: All Adam's Media Video or on Youtube Channel

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This one gives me the taste of 90s pop songs @adam-aj ... not exactly the same taste... It has inherited some ingredients from 2010 and after... But yet having that 90s taste!
I don't know how to describe it, but in min 1:14, I enjoyed it a lot. But in my taste it could have, I don't know a little sad? I don't know how to say that! I mean exactly a sound like the piano playing before that! Oh god! I can't express my feeling!!!
In conclusion... I really enjoyed this mix... I can say it's really inspiring, full of life, it's like a documentary of life!!!
THANKS for sharing!

I can't thank you enough for this great feedback and your very nice description!

Excellent! Very upbeat music, @adam-aj and nice to see you posting again! 😊

welcome back adam aj.gif

Thanks so much my friend Traci :) :)

You're very welcome, dear Adam! 😊

Nice rhythm and an excellent addition to pop music

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This is sweet, thanks much!

Hi adam-aj,

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Appreciate your vote and support very much :D

hey @adam-aj

it sounds very good and professional. nice summer vibe :)
i've checked your steemit and soundcloud and I see that you have build a quite nice audience here with more than a 1000 followers and more than 2600 on soundcloud. it may sounds a bit stupid, silly or inappropriate but do you release somewhere your music or other forms of art or you treat it as a hobby ?

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my profiles.
Started as a hobby, then it goes to the professional phase. You can find me on major music stores Spotify, Amazon or iTunes. you can find the links in my Soundcloud profile!

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