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Hello Friends

Today I will present the second episode of Bunny and his adventures in the forest.

If you wish to see the previous episode you can check it here:


So in this episode our bunny runs too fast and arrives in the year 2121.
He finds a world in ruins and he is very scared . Will he get back home?

In the end will will see an image and me giving some thanks for the animator that helped me.
Now that image is from a movie called Donnie Darko that was about time travel.
The music I created it with Fl studio and you can find it on these store:

Google Play
Apple music

If you liked my beat ou can just take it and improve it or make your own mixed song and post it on youtube (and of course here on steemit) I will see it and talk about it if you want.
For distributing my music I use DistroKid .
If you have some music of your own and want to use distrokid you can use this code and get 7% discount :
I wrote also a poem book called Forgotten Roots and you can find it on Kindle:

Forgotten roots image steemit.jpg

Now this book is available as paperback and ebook version on kindle.
Soon it will be also available as an audio book, but unfortunately not on Amazon Kindle, because I am from Romania and that is in Europe and the Amazon Site called ACX for audio books accepts only products from America, UK and Canada for the moment.
Well this will not stop me I like to write and I will find the best way possible to do so.

Until next time I am Cynetyc and I thank you for reading my small post !Cynetyc out!

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I love this cool bunny

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An interesting episode and as I understood from the video, the rabbit managed to return home after meeting the monster, it's great!

Yeah the story starts as he encounters an animal in the forest and another rabbit is telling him to run faster, as he runs faster he finds himself in the year 2121 .
He indeed find his home but he is attacked by a Inter dimensional monster that takes him in another dimension for some reason.
BUNNY and BUNNY 2.0 are some bold experiments that I started on youtube to see if it is possible to tell my stories with music and animation .
YouTube unfortunately is not you anymore because of huge censorship and demonetized videos ....even me that... I got my hole channel demonetized and I cannot be a part of their partnership program because I do not have 1k subscribers....but my watch time is more than 33k (330000 hours) for one single video...so people watch my videos....
In any case my experiment worked and I understand that in order to create and be rewarded as a creator I must make a different you tube channel on on single niche and that niche is animation.
It will take time and I will have to learn a lot but I will do it sooner or later.
But just to spite the new you tube order I will continue with Cynetyc and create whatever I like....I hate to be censored all the time but I got a feeling with the new lawsuit ...that things will change:

Sorry for the long rant....in the back of my creations if for 50 seconds there is a lot of work....and learning but I will get it right sooner or later.

Hi @cynetyc , it is sad to see the way in which nature disappears, the little rabbit and even we humans will be so bewildered, in the end the rabbit returns to what is his home, but worse still, the machines are the ones that invade our world, excellent your vision.

Thank you very much @martha75 for appreciating my work !
This theme of protecting the environment plays a huge roll in my work present and future as well.

Videos and music are really beautiful to enjoy. Thank you for sharing my friend.

Great animation and beautiful music. Really I enjoy it. But the concept of time travel is more interesting...everybody wants to be a time traveller but still our ability are limited in matrix world.

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Thank you very much @msena!

The animation really looks nice and the sounds on the background of the bunny animations is great @cynetyc

This is great article sir. it s very good video and i subscribe your Chanel.
Thanks @cynetyc
Have a nice day

Thank you very much @goldcoin!

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BUNNY 2.0 is great work and excellent video . thanks for sharing

Heh. Nice. And Donie Darko in the end is cool) your animation look like art house movie)

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Yes I liked Donnie Darko a lot and morphed the image in the end .

It is absulutly right and match with his carector .☹☹☹☹☹

Ha ha those smiles are my more or less my character. This music and video represents an experiment from my side to see if it is possible to tell my stories in another way... like animation.
I am a sci-horror writer so this animation genre is different for me but I will continue to improve...and maybe those smilies will actually smile.

I love this cool bunny

Hola @cynetyc excelente mensaje, todos debemos ayudar a cuidar el medio ambiente, gracias por recordádnoslo…

Thank you very much , gracias @sekhet!

Saludo amigo @cynetyc, interesante historia, por lo del viaje en el tiempo, se puede interpretar como una reflexión poética de nuestros propios deseos…

Greeting friend @cynetyc, interesting story, for the journey through time, can be interpreted as a poetic reflection of our own desires...

Thank you very much @jexus77!

Good work once again that's so cool to see !

Thank you very much @blazing!

Wow, nice one. Really enjoyed it
Looking forward on next post

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Hola amigo @cynetyc muy interesante, cada vez que creamos una historia nuestra mente abre nuevos caminos y van llegando ideas que muchas veces no conocemos su alcance hasta que las expresamos, gracias por compartirlo…

Thank you very much @leynedayana for reading my post!

Very nice man this turns out to be a cool sci fi !

Yeah I have many stories more and will continue to tell them.

Oh he gets in the future I really hope he is OK! Maybe he will run faster!

Very nice @cynetyc I love very much this bunny!

I love it this characther you can use it again sort of like a character from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll or the teddy bear in Shadoman game.

That is exactly right about this character....it will be as a reoccurring character in other works as well.