Boomtown VLOG 04 | Solving the City's Secrets

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We had so much fun on this day, we saw loads of great acts, we took time to relax and enjoy the peaceful Whistler's Green and we tried to solve the Boomtown Quests!

During the festival you can take part in certain quests. You do this by reading the local paper, The Daily Rag, which you can find daily in the city. You then need to look for clues on how to go about solving it. One of my friends gave me the heads up to ask for Officer Dribble at the Boomtown Bobbies Police Station and we were well on our way...

After that we smashed around Downtown and went through DSTRKT 5 and Metropolis. There was so much to see and not enough time to see it all! We really wanted to see Enter Shikari up at Town Centre and I'm glad we made it in time. If not, a wee bit late. They were awesome and I got some proper good feels watching them playing Undercover Agents.

We couldn't stick around for the whole set because there was no way we were going to miss Gorillaz at the Lion's Den. And we managed to catch the second half of that too!

This vlog is filled with fun, live music and good vibes. I hope you enjoy!



gear used;
Nikon D5300
Rode VideoMicro
Sony Vegas
Toshiba Satellite P70
Logitech Performance MX
GoPro Hero 3+

other socials;

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Great adventure my friend. I like your video. Greetings from Venezuela.