magic mushrooms

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its that time of year again , the first cold nip in the air always tells me the magic mushrooms will be up , i don't really bother with them any more as they depend on circumstances , when in the right environment they can be wonderful and ive spent many a night laughing and being blown away by colors and the world , but on a bad day in a drab lonely environment it is possible to feel depression and the weight of reality crush you , it can be the closest experience of complete madness , hours of confusion and misunderstanding , and a feeling of things spiraling out of control

im convinced they will have other medicinal uses , so i ate these ones , just for old times sake , and felt the slightest of sensations , 


Have a nice trip, and do take us some photos. :-)

im a bit wary of a full on loony day but i thought maybe in small amounts there could be some profound medical effect ,ive read a bit about mushrooms being used to treat cancer and other things and wondered if just 1 or 2 may have some beneficial effect ,

Me, I wouldn't dream of eating bits and pieces of unknown mushrooms, but if you survive the experiment, do write us up a report! :-)

these are quite well known to me a bit of a tradition in the north of england and wales , they date back to celtic times

im sure the gold tit coin is actually a magic mushroom