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in mushrooms •  11 months ago

The mushroom plugs I ordered finally arrived! I used a website called southeastmushrooms.com and there are two types “pearl” oyster and shiitake. Going to start with about 100 plugs of each but I’ll definitely order more, just excited to get started with these though! 0ADC2C9D-BD16-4494-8372-3722707A5592.jpeg
I’ll post pictures of the log homes and the progress of the mushrooms over the next few months. Feel free to give suggestions or any comments!

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Mushroom Plugs Are The Best!
Keep Us Updated! :)


I definitely will!


Let Me Know If You Every Want to Trade Spore Prints.
I Harvest wild Oysters and morels.


Definitely will! This is my first time with the plugs and I’ve never worked with any other varieties. I’ll look into morels but always down to trade plants and related knowledge.


Awesome! Let Me Know If you Have any questions!
If You Keep The plugs In cool basement or Garage;
Anywhere below room temp. but hotter than a fridge.
Your Plugs will go Crazy Before you Even Plant Them!

That's a cool idea. Does it make sense money & time wise?


They take about 9 months to start fruiting, and will produce about 95% of the weight of the log in mushrooms (hardwood is HEAVY) over 3-4 years. At $4/lbs you'll get several hundred dollars out of each log! On the expense side there is just initial spores (negligible relative to output), water, time, and the logs themselves, which can be expensive if you don't have your own source. Mushrooms are a great cash crop for homesteaders and their ilk!

Love mushrooms! Going to have to look into these plugs. How are you planting?