Itty Bitty Facts About Mushrooms

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Do you like mushrooms? How much do you know about them to begin with? Hope you're in for a little ride into the world of the little plants with caps. Let me fill you in on some interesting facts about the mushrooms or toadstools, as some would call them.
Did you know that mushrooms are fungi? Growing up, I always knew or was made to believe rather, that fungi and bacteria were germs, inedible, in fact, they were disease causing and should be avoided like plagues. Now I’ve had to modify that knowledge because it’s flawed. Fungi and bacteria have variations of the good, the bad and the ugly. So they are not in their entirety bad. Back to the context, #mushrooms #are #fungi and there are different types, serving different purposes.
Now you know there are types of mushrooms, do you know about the variations? I suppose you know about the edible ones like shimeji, button, portobello, oyster mushrooms and so on. Asides those ones, we also have some toxic mushrooms like death cap mushrooms, psychedelic mushrooms like Psilocybe cubensis(botanical name) and so on.
The most interesting fact I just discovered and I’m itchy to share is the dyeing property of mushrooms. They serve as very good textile dyes. As a matter of fact, before the existence of synthetic dyes mushrooms did the job. Wow, I know right. I came upon some mushrooms today and got the idea to spread a few words about them. Aha! I forgot to mention, they make really nice delicacies for vegetarians. You can go on to find out the whole lot I’ve left out for yourself. The world of discovery awaits you, Winks.




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