#mushroommonday Hey Now

Just so happens the other day I was out rummaging around the yard after a few days of typical Florida rains when I came across some fun mushrooms.

I took a few snaps of these mushrooms, mostly for my own amusement, as I thought they were pretty.

Today I ran across a post from @balticbadger using the hashtag #mushroommonday...you can see his mushrooms and read his post here:


After talking with him about his #mushroommonday hashtag I decided to add to it with my own contribution.

I really don't know much about mushrooms besides my childhood love of morels, but I find myself becoming more and more entranced with them.

First I found these tiny jewels nestled in the oak leaf litter, name unknown.

20190809_101617 - Edited.jpg

Next I came across this awesome little guy mounted on a small piece of oak branch. The length of the branch was just about an inch long. I can imagine a family of wee faerie folk sharing a midday meal under the shade of the stout cap of this grand old fellow.

20190809_073456 - Edited (1).jpg

Not to be outdone was this handsome guy. He holds a special place in my heart. I don't know his name either...tho I shall call him Bob 🤣

20190810_070209 - Edited.jpg

Hey thanks for stopping by to see my mushroom shots and please do go and show @balticbadger some love and if you have some mushroom pics of your own please, please share them on #mushroommonday!


Wow! Very cool! Thanks for sharing those. That first one looks like an orange bonnet (but it might be a jelly baby), then I'm not sure but the second one might be a goblet, and the third one is definitely a peste puffball. Really nice pictures!

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Sweet! Thanks for the information. I find them fascinating! Now I hope to find more for next #mushroommonday

Very interesting tamaralovelace! That first tiny one is amazing, I didn't know they came that small! lol.