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Here's a few mushrooms I found for this #mushroommonday by @balticbadger

The leaves are turning and carpeting the forest floor. The mushrooms are getting harder and harder to find. These pear shaped puffballs are forming little spore openings.

They used to be solid white inside but are now green inside. Soon all this material will become a dusty powder that will spread the spores.

I also found a stack of polypore mushrooms. I'm not sure if these are edible or medicinal.

Here's a few eyelash cup fungi, they are starting to lose their color and are turning more mushy.

Here's a strange mushroom I need to ID. They have a very thin twisty cap.

The gills are veiny and stop at the stem. I doubt these are edible and they are pretty tiny so it would be difficult to get a good meal out of them.

I also found some old oyster mushrooms. Looks like the season for edibles is over unless I can find some enokitake winter mushrooms.

Here's some grayish blue turkey tails. These are a nice medicinal that can be made into tea or tinctures with anticancer properties.

This nice fall tree has a couple very large dryad's saddles growing on the side of it. In spring I'll have to check for any little ones growing beneath this tree.

Here's what an old giant puffball looks like. Its starting to liquify and the insides are turning green.

Here's some dried out false turkeytail.

Looks like mushroom season is pretty much over here, just have to enjoy the leaves for now until my growing kits arrive in the mail. Happy #mushroommonday

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These look so neat. I hope you found many delicious ones.

Unfortunately they were all too old to eat but they stilllooked cool.

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It's been a great season sad to see it come to an end! Really nice collection here I'm out puffballs have turned as well!

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Time to get some grow kits for the winter. Pink oysters are a really easy one to start out with.

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Lots of there

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Too bad i didn't find any truffles.

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I love to stumble upon them so much, they're always so fairytale like... I really cannot make out edibles from the ones that are not, so I just leave them to be, but I love to take pictures of them :) love also that tapestry of leaves at the end.

Its good season for leaf tapestries. I usually save a few good ones each year and press them in a big heavy book.

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I have collected some already (though recently I found some wetness in leaves had spoiled a beloved Art noveau volume and now I'm more careful when putting leaves to press.

Lol yeah i just use a big free insect identification book. Leaves definitely mess up books.

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I found out the hard way recently, it had never happened befor dunno why maybe the kind of paper. I love to press them and I include them in letters for my overseas friends. one of my own popular song is "I steal the leaves" which is an Autumn theme, so it's kind of a thing, preparing now an autumn special again.

Good work on your halloween special. I'll look up the steal the leaves song as well.

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😲 I cant believe these things are present on earth...😲

The fungus is among us.

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