Never Before Found Mushroom - Ramaria Ignicolor

in mushroom •  4 months ago

Ramaria Ignicolor

Ramaria Ignicolor also known as "Flammekorallsopp" in Norwegian, Ramaria genus comprises of approximately 200 species of coral fungi.
This particular species have never been reported in this area before and are red listed as a closely threatened species in Norway.

Original (4608x3456)

Original (4608x3456)

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Location: Njåskogen, Jæren, Norway
Camera: Nikon P900
No filter have been used
No editing have been made to these photos
Photographer: @flatman

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Nice find!

I have found something very similar here in The Netherlands:



But I classified these as Calocera viscosa. Was I wrong?


I am no mushroom expert, so i might be wrong, there are many different mushrooms that look very alike:
Clavaria Ramaria:

Ramaria eumorpha:

Ramaria flava:

Ramaria formosa:


They did feel sticky, that helped, but I'm still not sure. Must have another look.

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Are they edible?

(perhaps not a legitimate question, since they are red-listed ... but I'm curious nevertheless) :-)


I would not eat this one, but there are other coral mushrooms that are edible, but i dont think this is one of them

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