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I would like to share with you today some photos from places I have recently visited in Vienna.

The first photos was taken in the Leopold Museum in Vienna at the vernissage of paintings from Klimt to Warhol. The exhibition was amazing, many works were breathtaking.

I chose these pictures because I think the works on them are great, I liked him very much, they are my style. These are paintings that I would certainly say in my apartment as decorations, they would blend well with the interior design of a Scandinavian-style apartment.

2018-03-01 11.03.26 1.jpg

2018-03-01 10.50.43 2.jpg

2018-03-07 12.42.10 1.jpg

The next photos come from the natural history museum in Vienna where you can see minerals and reconstructed animals. The collection is delightful. The exhibition occupies two floors, it is huge repair, each of the rooms had something fascinating.


Screenshot_20180305-003846 (1).png

Screenshot_20180305-004009 (1).png

Screenshot_20180305-003904 (1).png

All photos were taken by phone Sony Xperia M5 and processed in the VSCO application

I hope you liked the photos.
See you in the next post! :)

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Wow, that is a nice reporting, good job with the article and pictures, very class =)

Congrats. Well done, you've proven yourself that your an expert

This is indeed an inside into the Viennese Museums atmosphere. Well done! :)

I'm glad you liked our museums here! :-)