Technical Museum in Sinsheim (Germany). Willy's Jeep. Part 46 (↻100%)

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Willy's Jeep

Most built off-road car in the world, it was built about 750.000 times.

For comparison, the German "Kübelwagen" was built only 70,000 times. Introduced into the US-army in WW II. An undemanding design and a high ground clearance were its main advantages. Thousands of these cars are still driven by enthusiasts all over the world.

Year: 1944
Power: 54 HP
Engine cc: 2,199
Engine: 4 cylinder


All photos are taken from my account on GOLOS:

To be continued.


Yo soy muy fan de todos los objetos referente a la guerra, es interesante como somos tan creativos para inventar objetos que puedan lastimar a las demás personas pero en cosas que ayudarían mas a la humanidad no. Yo pienso que cada material de guerra, aunque tiene un fin malo, es una pieza de arte. Porque surge de la creatividad, de la imaginación y necesidad que se este presentando en ese momento. Excelente post, saludos.

Interesting! I'd love to take one of those old jeeps out off roading. thanks for sharing.

The Willys MB and the Ford GPW, both formally called the U.S. Army Truck, Command Reconnaissance,commonly known as Jeep or jeep, and sometimes referred to as G503 are four-wheel drive military utility vehicles that were manufactured during World War II (from 1941 to 1945) to help mobilize the Allied forces.

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well researched thanks for sharing your blogs are awesome.

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good post nice pictures

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