Technical Museum in Sinsheim (Germany). Tank "Sherman" M4/A1. Part 48 (↻100%)

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Tank "Sherman" M4/A1

The must important tank of our former western enemy states during WW II was the Sherman M4.

First tanks of this improved development of the already existing M3 left the assembly lines in 1943. It had a 75 mm gun and radio equipment, which was not common on tanks of this kind. The M4 series was most produced and developed combat tank model in world. Beginning 1942, 40.000 tanks were produced and the Soviet-Union was also supplied with it.

Year: ab 1943
Power: 400 HP
Engine: 9 cylinder
Crew: 5
Weight: 32.5 to
Maximum speed: 38 km/h


Year: ab 1943
Power: 475 HP
Engine: 9 cylinder
Crew: 5
Weight: 33.5 to
Maximum speed: 41 km/h


To be continued.


This was the first tank I learned about as a kid, always remembered that lol It's such a beast! I put together a model of it that I kept in my room for years.

a good blog post is very interesting I love it. still well preserved in a very perfect museum .thanks you.

great in history of Germany! amazing tank..

Cool! The tanks of before stills look amazing up until now. These kind of preservation shows what was the face of yesterday for the new generation next to us.

I have read that the Shermans were so poorly armored that they were easily penetrated and destroyed by shells from both the Tiger and Panther. I heard they could also only attack even a Panther from behind, or else the Sherman's shells would bounce off if they hit anywhere else. Have you heard these things? ...or something different?

At the beginning of the war, it was a good tank. Then came guns and powerful tanks that effectively hit this tank.

Hmmmm...I thought Germany had Panthers at the beginning of the war...?

These are American tanks and their allies (England and USSR). Germany did not have these tanks.

I understand that...never mind...

Wow! I love it! A sherman tank! One of the best tank of the US against German Tiger Tank! I know a lot of tanks! Because this my hubby collection! Expecially I am playing the PC games of

What a huge armourd car

History must be told, although I didn't witness the war, o heard the terrors it caused

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Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫ resteemid

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