Technical Museum in Sinsheim (Germany). Part 9 (↻100%)

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Hello my friends! I have already shown you all the beauty of red and blue for cars. Today there will be a splendor of white color! And if you add a real classic to the white color, you will get a delightful classic.

White BMW, rounded outlines, in my opinion looks no worse than modern models!


Mercedes Benz 300 SL Roadster, 215 PS.






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To be continued.


White color is a very peaceful color and the car of of this color looks very classy.

BWM действительно великолепен, впрочем как и Mercedes.

Wow, thats awesome!
These cars were so expensive nowadays due to its being a survivor from olden times. its definitely a treasure to keep.

This white car is my dream!

The BMW so loving it, strong and sweet

Lovely cars. I have recently encountered this beauty in Hong Kong. Hope you like it, too.

It's the classic Nissan Fairlady Z:


The Mercedes Benz 300 SL Roadster in white is beautiful but in red or black it would be brutal. Greetings from Venezuela

I also do love this beast :

White, simple and uncomplicated, elegant and elegant, white BMW, classic color.

So much love for wheels, epecially BMW series. They are indeed classic💚

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Robots are everywhere, people will soon have nothing to do here)))

good job sarah...

Antique things always make me go crazy...
And u have come up with the legendary BMW and Mercedes cars...... Also the pics are clear and lucid .

Can u elaborate about the program.

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a very classic car friend, I really like his car.

Ini mobil antik atau mobil baru dengan konsep antik ?

Svaki automobil ima svoju priču. Većina automobila je obnovljena. Možda ću napraviti niz poruka o zanimljivim automobilima, što će pokazati njihovu istoriju.


That BMW, oh yeah, that's the good stuff.

This car is cool...i wish i could have one for myself

Nice looking cars

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thanks for sharing upvoted

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woh beautiful cars............... like it

wow....awesome sir
that's beautiful car
great information that part 6

Wow beautiful car.The cars are so beautiful.My favourite car is white.What do you like????

It's really awesome!!

Beautiful cars. Useful information

BMW only for me, maybe Mercedes in the future but BMW is King.

Love it! I really love classic cars, that bmw is stunning! Plus the Mercedes shape is one of the most iconic cars of all time :) I loved the other cars too:) thanks for sharing these!

I recently went to a super car garage in London and saw some similar old school classics, and also some new insane hyper cars like the la Ferrari, mclaren p1 and 2 f1 cars!

Old but cool. I bet they are expensive just like the high end cars today.

Nice car, so antique

Some day i bought one like this.
Until this i drive an old card.
Thank you for this great whyte cars.

Que esplendorosos! tienes razón, definitivamente no tienen rival. Me gustan. Son puro lujo!

wow,,, nice cars,,, i like its,,

Wonderful photos the white classic cars got it’s own magic
Very nice

Nice cars, nice concept, wish to have one of these in the nearest future.

Schöne Classische Autos, viel schöner als die heute auf der Strasse anzutreffenden elektronischen Plastikbomber mit einheits-gschau !

Beautiful old birds. Thanks for the quality photos!

wooow this car very very amazing I like that good post.

Der Benz ist schön, mir würde die Isabella als Cabrio auch schon reichen :-)

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I always see this post, hopefully there is always continued.

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I love the MB 300 SL. So wonderful!

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Very nice car this Mercedes 300 SL Roadster!
I really like this Oldtimer, even if I like more new cars.

Wow! The BMW is a real looker. Reminds me of the Volvo P1800. White really sets it off.

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Nice Car...

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fascinating :)

These cars had so much style.
It is more stylish than the cars today.

You only need some warm colors, crowned queen

Some very nice cars
Thanks for the post

Oh My.... Those cars are really beautiful, I like all of them, they are much prettier, I guess, than today cars design. Thank you for sharing.

WOW!, you revive my memories, I was there 2 years before and had a great time there. Whole Germany is full of beautiful places.

You may like my travel series too- Travel Series (Part #2) Rome, Italy, Must visit Destination

really cool post that very useful once